Whether you’re single or attached, you may soon be the envy of friends or others in your social circle.

However, you know your faith-driven efforts have brought the pleasing progress on offer.

Keep the faith – and trust that you’re doing something that isn’t only right with matters of the heart – it can lead to something as perfect as perfect can be!

If you’ve been hiding your romantic relationships from family for a while, you have cosmic support today should you want to change this dynamic for good.

If you were born and raised with traditional or conservative values, you may be tired of keeping your truth hidden from the people you love.

You’re so ready to forge your own passionate path, but because you haven’t felt comfortable going public with your axioms, you don’t feel as free as you’d like to feel about romance.

It’s time to state your case and let the chips fall where they may. Your family will either support you or they won’t, but at least you’ll know where they stand.

Living and loving on your own terms is every person’s right, and you owe it to yourself to be loud and proud about your choices. Those who truly respect and love you may even figure that out one day.

Do you know how to just relax with your partner at home and still manage to enjoy yourself just as much as if you were to go out and do something fun? Is it easy or hard for you to be in stillness with your lover?

These are all good questions to contemplate on as the Moon is in Leo and in your 4th house today. It is crucial that you feel like you can spend time with your partner where you aren’t “doing” so much as you are just being with one another.

One indicator that you are genuinely close to someone and have a solid connection is being able to be with them without needing distractions or needing to converse all the time.

This would be a great time to practice spending time with your partner at home, maybe you can cook dinner for them and just cuddle. Allow yourself to experience pleasure doing those simple yet meaningful things.

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