The Bull and the Crab may seem like an odd match at first, but you have so many similarities that one or both of you may immediately feel that you’ve met your soulmate. Both signs are patient, generous, and introspective, with a deep reverence for home and family, and a wacky sense of humor.

Taurus Men are Steady, Patient and Stubborn!
Taureans have a quiet, earthy sexuality that is both appealing and makes people feel at ease with them immediately. They make friends easily and often have a large network of friends across all age groups. They are good at creating job security, balanced finances, and home ownership.

However, they are infamously stubborn. A Taurus values serenity, but when he does lose his cool, he’s likely to let loose with just one bellow and then plant his feet, lower his horns … and wait. For years.

Cancer Women Are Fiercely Tenacious
Like the feisty crab, Cancer women are incredibly tenacious. Like a crab clinging fiercely to your toe, they will hang on and never let go. A Cancer woman, like a Taurus man, will stick with you through thick and thin. Their mutual stubbornness may make arguments problematical, but overall, their loyalty to each other is legendary—even if they can stay mad at each other for months or years.

Cancer women are also highly sentimental. They love their families and love their home. They save every greeting card and photo. They treasure every happy memory and can even be found sobbing over a dried flower found in a childhood diary.

Sensitive and Secretive
Cancers need a gentle, patient, steady partner as they can be deeply wounded by a harsh word or sharp glance. In return, Cancers are the most patient of all the sun signs and will return the favor when the Bull gets into one of his rare moods or is socially inept (the stereotypical “bull in a china shop”).

But Cancers have a deeply secretive side. It’s not that they have anything to hide—it’s just that they keep thoughts and memories and feelings close to their hearts. A Cancer woman will want to know everything about her Cancer beau and his entire family, but she does not like to discuss her personal life and thoughts.

Cancers crave stability—perhaps due to their constantly wavering moods. Cancer women are attracted to men who are steady and sensible providers and will provide a secure and happy home environment.

Taurus/Cancer — Why You’re Perfect Together
Cancer women have a great sense of humor. They wake up singing little ditties inspired by something they overheard; they laugh generously at themselves and life. This really appeals to the perpetually cheerful Bull, who loves to tease and frolic.

Both Cancers and Taurus have a deep affinity for their families (especially their moms!) and that mutual respect and admiration creates a warm and hospitable aura in your home.

Most Cancer women are extremely good businesswomen. They will polish every penny to a coppery sheen, which tickles Taurus just fine. Together, the two of you will build a solid, well-planned future with plenty of room for little luxuries and long vacations.

Cancers have a strong maternal instinct—you’ll be constantly tempted to feed your Taurus hearty home-cooked meals, and shower him with small but extravagant gifts. Your cuddling and pampering will suit him just fine and he’ll reciprocate in spades.

Soothing Friction Between a Taurus Man and Cancer Woman
Cancer women are ruled by the Moon, and their moods wax and wane from contagious laughter to deep, tearful melancholy. Cancerians are extremely sensitive and tend to internalize everything. They also harbor a lot of insecurities. The feminine Crab will scuttle quietly back to her cave when she’s injured, which concerns and confuses the Bull, who is seldom morose and will simply holler briefly and loudly when he’s upset.

A Cancer woman has a formidable memory. She will never forget a single thing—good or bad—that her beau has said to her. When that is coupled with her many secret fears and insecurities, it often results in imaginary and dire situations that don’t really exist. If the Bull says, “Your hair looks lovely today,” she will scamper away and ask herself, “Does that mean my hair almost never looks good? Is he trying to tell me something? Am I really a wreck? What else is wrong with me?” Meanwhile, the Bull is complimenting himself on having gotten over his shyness to voice what he thinks is a flowery compliment.

A Cancer girl hates to be criticized and is sensitive to even the slightest ridicule. If she’s hurt, she may go on an uncharacteristic spending spree. If you Taurus lover teases too often or too hard, don’t bottle it up inside—talk to him about it. The big, gentle Bull is surprisingly tender-hearted and would never intentionally hurt you; he just gets a little too boisterous sometimes.

Romantic Suggestions
Seawater runs in the Cancer girl’s veins, and Taurus loves the water too, so take a walk on the seashore or get away for the weekend to a coastal inn.

Cook up a romantic meal and serve it with fine wine outdoors under a full moon.

Both signs love to ponder the deeper mysteries of life—visit a planetarium at night or simply lie on a blanket with a dessert platter and aperitif and gaze up at the stars. /Anna Kovach

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