Taurus and Scorpio are opposite on the zodiac wheel. It is no surprise that they both are magnetically attracted towards one another, especially the Taurus man is drawn to the mysterious beauty of the Scorpio woman.

This lady seeks security in her whole life. Therefore, if he wants to win her heart, he will need a lot of patience to give her time to surrender, and expose his love and loyalty to keep her calm and safe. What else to know about Taurus man and Scorpio woman?

Taurus Man
A Taurus man is an epitome of the strength – he is calm, collected, sensual, romantic, and down to earth. He knows how to put all of his time and efforts to achieve incredible results. Most of the time his emotions are moderate and predictable.

On the negative side, the bull male will display a frightening temper or stubbornness when he is pushed to the edge of his limits. He always expects a feminine girlfriend who holds tightly onto traditional gender roles. He will be happier if she allows him to take the lead in the relationship.

Scorpio woman
The Scorpio woman has a magnificent womanhood, which makes her the perfect partner for the Taurus man. She is quiet, intelligent, and masking much more under the surface. She is a complicated woman who is the most difficult type to understand.

Understanding the emotions of others, she is not willing to give up her own. The Taurus man needs to be a special type to make her sincerely trust him. Once he wins her trust, she will strongly be loyal to him under any circumstance.

When Taurus man meets Scorpio woman
The Scorpio woman has a taste and standard that the Taurus man appreciates highly. She is an encouraging mate who always admires his ambitious nature and even helps him attain his goals in all possible ways.

However, she has a strong desire to be the boss in the relationship. Worse than that, she can be cruel if not handled with affection. The bull male needs to be cautious because the scorpion female can whip out her tails and sting him at any given time without warning.

Taurus man and Scorpio woman create a passionate and emotional, s#x ual affair. They make a fulfilling love that strengthens their bond and enhances the passion of their relationship. Both of them are appealed to the other’s strong characteristic and willingness to commit to the relationship.

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