Rest and reflect, Taurus. The first three weeks of April are typically a low-key and private time for you with the Sun lingering in Aries and your healing twelfth house. Regardless of whether you’re under official orders to avoid social contact, spending time in your cocoon can be highly productive.

Career-oriented individuals and job holders may be under constant pressure from their immediate bosses, to increase the former’s performance. On the family front, everything seems smooth and nothing may bother you.

However, be careful of unnecessary spending for so-called social caused-based charities, as this not be the appropriate time. Students pursuing post-graduation or doctorate degree can try to find part time jobs to fulfil their financial needs.

Avoid unnecessary expenditure at all costs! Every effort to save money for the future will be well worth it. There is a strong probability of developing a relationship with someone of the opposite gender.

Do not be adamant about your views or get judgemental about your partner. On the health front, there may be some respiratory disorders, so you may do well to stay away from heavily-polluted spaces.

In order to stay fit and healthy, you may need to start morning walks and undertake light cardiovascular exercises. During this period in the realm of relationships, friendship might develop into intimacy. Your partner may inspire you to reach new heights, and explore new career avenues.

Beware, there might be a minor respiratory issue that may plague you during the phase. If you have a breathing problem, visit a doctor. Do light exercises, so you may remain energetic. Try and be aware of unexpected injuries.

Love Days: 9, 13
Money Days: 2, 19
Luck Days: 26, 17
Off Days: 24, 11, 15

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