Taurus is a zodiac sign that loves pleasure, romance, and all of the Venusian blessings that life can give. And with your ruler dancing in your prosperity sector (your solar second house) for many months, you are certainly attracting more abundance into your life.

However, the reason she is spending more time in this piece of the sky is because she is retrograde at the beginning of June. This affects you tremendously because when your ruler is moving backward, you feel as if your energy is off and you’ve stepped into a portal of the past. You are highly affected by Venus retrograde, which takes place until June 24. You may already have or could yet this month reconnect with an ex, twin flame, or past-life connection who possesses a karmic purpose in your life.

Sometimes in life, we reunite with people because the timing has aligned and you both have grown and are ready to pick up the pieces where they fell and build something anew. However, another reason you could be crossing paths is because you must face them, realize what you learned from it, and release them forever. This clears space for better relationships to come into your life once there is room for love to breathe.

Also this month, Mars, planet of passion, is heating up your social sector (your solar eleventh house), meaning that you are hungry to connect with friends or be a part of a cause that you believe in. It is possible that some Taurus could reconnect with old friends or an old lover because of this planetary alignment.

Mercury goes retrograde on the seventeenth in Cancer (your solar third house), so be sure not to sign any important documents in the days following this.

Last to note is that this month is a powerful time when destiny shifts your life. Eclipses always move your timetable up rapidly and turn your life in new directions. June 5 is a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius (your solar eighth house), bringing to your attention how you give and receive in your partnerships. Some Taurus, sadly, could be seeing the end of a partnership. Others may be receiving a large payment from a second party near this time.

A happier, more joyful solar eclipse in Cancer (your solar third house) appears near the twentieth. At this time, you will be launching into a new arena when it comes to communications. Consider releasing an important media project or adding credentials to your resume. This is a time when you have a message and the world is listening.

Standout days: 4, 9, 10, 17

Challenging days: 7, 11, 20

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