To deal with your personal relationships all throughout this month, you may be required to show some compassion and patience to deal with your family and friends. Your strong commitment towards your relationship will help you get through these situations and make sure you indulge in meaningful conversations with your partner whenever you feel you both have reached an impasse. Cherish the moments that you have together and be appreciative of the little things.

There may be no major health-related issue that you may encounter this month however you may find it very hard to deal with the new health regime that you are making yourself get accustomed to. Always remember that it is only a matter of habit and your body and mind will eventually get used to it. Indulge in good eating habits only and go for regular workouts to keep yourself fit.

You may expect a stable work-life this whole entire month. You may be at peace with regards to your change in work time, scope, or any other aspect for that matter which you were expecting for a really long time. You may also expect a good financial gain out of previous investments such as real estate. This time may also be very suitable for you to re-invest in long-term investment options.

Professional life may not give you much stress but your personal life may make you feel very worried and tense at times. You just have to know how to handle it in the correct manner. Make sure you are not speaking out of anger in the heat of the moment and deal with it very patiently as it will be the key for you this month. Do not stress yourself out on such situations and strategically tame the issues.

It may certainly be this month for you, Taurus. you may expect a short trip or vacation nearby towards the end of the month and find yourself relaxing with your friends and family. This should be a much-needed getaway for you as you may currently feel stable with your work-life altogether. Make sure you keep a tab of all your expenses and not splurge on needless items.

Colors of the day: Gold, Burnt orange

Lucky Numbers of the day: 3, 8

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: J, M

Cosmic Tip: Patience and composure will be the key for you.

Tips for Singles: Do not let your words destroy anything in the heat of moment.

Tips for Couples: Deal with situations calmness and talk it out.

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