Sharing is caring—right, Taurus? But this week, that doesn’t translate to splitting everything down the middle, 50/50. Creative ways of commingling emerge as the Gemini Sun in your money zone faces off with practical Saturn in your house of joint resources. While cash is king, it may be sparse. This week, consider other currencies when negotiating a deal. For example, you could barter services to pay your tab—or accept an in-kind service for your skills. (Will work for yoga classes, coaching, indie-label jewelry or babysitting…why not?) Has a business relationship been crawling along at a snail’s pace? This is the week to up the ante. Perhaps you have to put a more seductive offer on the table or even flow some funds towards your branding and promotion. If you want the fire, Taurus, you have to bring the wood. And while cautious Saturn hates a gamble, a calculated risk is right up his alley. Invest in your growth!

On the personal front, the Sun-Saturn faceoff helps you pace the progress of a relationship. Perhaps the vibe is getting a little too intense for your liking and you want to slow it down. Or maybe you’re frustrated by the slow crawl of this connection and want to step it up with some seductive moves. Don’t play cat and mouse games or try to psychically intuit next steps. Vocalize your desires and find out what the other person actually wants. With clear facts in front of you, it will be much easier to decide next steps. Only getting more vague answers? Time to be black and white about it, Taurus. “Maybe” might as well be “no” right now. Keep it moving! Your unwillingness to accept less could be a powerful wake-up call to someone who isn’t appreciating your value.

On Friday, nebulous Neptune turns backward in dreamy Pisces and your eleventh house of community and technology until November 22. You’re as loyal as the hills, Bull, but not everyone is deserving of your devotion. This five-month backspin will serve up one opportunity after another to scrutinize your squad and determine who is a friend, a foe or a frenemy. If a weak link in the chain is slowing everyone else down—or a Negative Nellie is BRINGING everyone down—serve those walking papers. You don’t have to wait until a dramatic disaster erupts. Trust your intuition on this, especially if you’ve already issued a few warnings about questionable behavior.

While you might be willing to overlook a friend’s flakiness or bad manners, don’t expect others in your crew to do the same. As the saying goes, you are judged by the company you keep. Potential partners and bosses may see this as a reflection of you and your judgment. Don’t let a “difficult” type bring down your good name. On a more macro level, if you’re feeling stuck in a going-nowhere organization, cut bait. Remember, endings set the stage for new beginnings. And because the eleventh house also rules humanitarian initiatives, get involved in a volunteer mission, help organize a political gathering or participate in a spiritual ceremony. You may find your soul tribe through Neptune’s charitable spirit.

Spend time over the weekend making sure you have Internet security handled, too. Change overused passwords and clear your computer’s cache. If you recently used someone else’s PC, make sure you logged off your profiles. Maybe it’s time to get a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for your home emails, especially if you are transmitting sensitive data around your work or private life. Check all the settings on your phone. Some apps automatically turn location data on, making it easy for people to find your whereabouts, unbeknownst to you. While we’re not suggesting you get all paranoid here, Neptune’s retrograde in your tech sector calls for stricter privacy policies. Backup all your important data, too, and sip safely when using devices since Neptune rules water and you don’t want this retrograde to bring an unfortunate spill. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. /Astrostyle

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