Establish clear lines of communication. You must speak with those that want to understand, and if they do not hear initially, you must reassert yourself. The best part is that you should not have to do anything with what you say! You may be ready to obtain it easily at work.

The Taurus health horoscope suggests that you may experience severe headaches, possibly due to gastric problems or heavy workloads. It is recommended that you increase your fluid intake. By doing so, you will be in great health for the next week. You may have a craving for spicy or delicious food, but be cautious as Navratri is now over.

Taurus’ weekly career horoscope suggests that if you feel stuck in your career, this week is the time to break free and move on. You will feel confident and ready to try something new in your career. You are now ready to explore your options.

Taurus’ weekly love horoscope indicates that you may yearn to be with your long-distance lover. You might feel restless and long to be reunited with your partner. This week may be particularly difficult for your long-distance relationship. It is possible to daydream about your long-distance relationship and feel emotional longing. It is important to remember that distance doesn’t diminish the love between two people.

Taurus, you’re a powerhouse! There’s no doubt in your mind that you’re ready for a new adventure, no matter the consequences. Even if you choose to go big, remember that there’s value in the little things. Don’t be afraid to enjoy the moment every now and then.

Colors of the week: Grey, Pink, Violet

Lucky Numbers of the week: 6, 9, 2

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: E, V, I

Cosmic Tip: Take up an old hobby. You might be pleasantly surprised

Tips for Singles: Take yourself out on a date!

Tips for Couples: Spend some quality time with your partner

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