Tap into your independent spirit this week, Taurus—and trust that you’ve got this! You’re the Rock of Gibraltar for everyone in your life, but thanks to a ground-shaking starmap on Friday, April 9, relying too heavily on one of THEM might backfire. With rash Mars revving through your second house of stability at odds with fuzzy Neptune in your collaboration zone, you can’t necessarily take people at their word.

Even if their intentions are pure, they might not be able to deliver on their promise. And you might never find out whether their excuse was legit or just a case of flakiness. Regardless, you want to first nail down your OWN commitments so you don’t risk a ding to your hard-won reputation.

And then, if you’re feeling disappointed by someone, wait till this transit passes (next week, say) and try to figure out what’s really happening here. It’s entirely possible that they’re dealing with some serious issue and didn’t want to burden YOU! And while no good ever came of a pity party, you don’t want to keep believing in someone who’s not dependable.

Watch for someone looking to subvert your efforts this weekend, Bull—or perhaps your own inner saboteur will make a cameo appearance? Hey, we all have one. The “trick” is catching it before it does any damage! On Sunday, shadowy Pluto (on a slow trek through your expansive ninth house) sends a disconcerting jolt to your ruler, Venus, in your unconscious twelfth house.

Pay close attention to the little voice in your head that may be whispering limiting ideas. If you can listen without reacting (or even believing), you may recognize some very old scripts that have little to do with 2021 you.

That may not be so easy, however, especially if you’re run down, stressed out or simply sleep-deprived. That’s not the best you, Taurus, and in that case, this one-day transit can serve as a warning to slow down and take better care of Numero Uno. Whenever insecurity crops up, consider it a nudge to reduce obligations and increase self-care. As soon as you open up some emotional bandwidth, you’ll get back to your center and be coming from a wiser, more grounded place.

Later on Sunday, the year’s only Aries new moon falls in your twelfth house of release and transition. You can tap into higher guidance and activate any sincere intentions to let something go. But don’t expect to make sense of these divine downloads immediately. You need quiet time to really hear what’s being transmitted.

More important is capturing what comes through and the deep soul yearnings that get sparked. Write in your journal, sketch any images that come or notate the music you hear. Then allow it to steep by quietly sitting and, if you meditate, doing that. Give your unconscious mind permission—and enough space—to reveal hidden longings and desires. This new moon could also lead to true healing, perhaps illuminating the perfect therapist or holistic practitioner to support you on this journey.

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