What are you waiting for, Taurus? Thursday, August 13 is a letter-perfect day to test-drive one of your lofty dreams, even if there’s a 50 percent chance of it failing. (Because that also means there’s a 50 percent chance of it succeeding!)

Your cautious sign isn’t the biggest fan of risk, but without it, as they say, there’s no reward. Lady Luck—and some powerful cosmic energy—is behind you in the form of an activating alignment of motivator Mars in your zone of imagination and transformative Pluto in your visionary ninth house.

If you’ve done all your research and put in the requisite elbow grease, get one “last second opinion” and then take a leap of faith. Something you DON’T want to take are shortcuts! These two heavyweight planets will insist you follow protocol.

So even if it doesn’t seem like a bad idea to skip a couple of steps or gloss over a few details, it’s not worth the gamble. Your investment of hard work as well as your reputation are at stake. And with intensifying Pluto in residence in your candid ninth house, honesty is the ONLY policy.

While it’s a good exercise to give it your best shot, this is not the time to fake it until you make it. Better to be straight-up and let people know when you don’t have an answer for them rather than to dissemble or obfuscate. And with galvanizing Mars on an extra-long trek (six months!) through your fantasy zone, you may have to work overtime to keep it real—but it’ll be more than worth it when you score this win!

Another reason to hit the gas during the work week? On Saturday, maverick Uranus kicks off its annual five-month retrograde, this year (as for the past several), in your sign! So while everyone will be feeling the wonky effects somewhere in their life, you’ll be feeling them everywhere. (Um, yay?)

From now through January 14, 2021, you can reliably expect the unexpected. But this yearly occurrence isn’t inherently a negative. There are distinct advantages to retrogrades, and this one can be a blessing for Bulls, especially if Uranus has been supplying an uncomfortably high level of energy to your life since it moved into Taurus on May 15, 2018.

Starting this weekend, its backspin can turn DOWN the intensity and give you a chance to process some of the shifts and plot twists you’ve been experiencing all year. Exciting ideas that have hit you (while awake AND asleep) can be evaluated now with less pressure to “monetize” them—yet still with an eye to turning them into something concrete.

Retrogrades offer the opportunity to review, reflect and revise, so if you wind up going back to the drawing board, don’t fret. You might create something that’s WAY better than the original vision. Balancing wildly innovative ideas with evidence and data is the Taurus way. On a more personal level, anything that shakes up your life in a positive way is good—provided you don’t inflict those changes onto unwilling others.

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