Domestic matters are always at the top of a Taurus’ priority list, but this week, it’s not enough to just go through your checklist of daily responsibilities. What atmosphere do you want to create in your space, using aesthetics and other sensual stimuli?

Are there values you need upheld amongst the people living under your roof? You’ll begin to question this (and a whole lot more) this Tuesday, August 18, when the year’s only new moon in Leo activates your fourth house of home and family. Start with an honest audit: Where have you been craving a change?

If you’ve been living in cramped or otherwise unpleasant quarters, are constantly butting heads with relatives or bae, this lunation can trigger necessary shifts. You don’t have to transform everything overnight. New moons are starting blocks and give you a solid, six-month window to activate change. But DO take the first steps this week, whether that’s setting up Redfin alerts, checking out potential new ‘hoods or turning the guest bedroom into your home studio (at last!).

Your discerning eye will be sharper than ever starting this Wednesday, as keen Mercury heads into Virgo, activating your visually arresting fifth house until September 5. Get the mood boards going and don’t hold back! You don’t have to break the bank to indulge your senses, Taurus, but you can let yourself dream of any and every decadence.

As much as you love the luxe, your earthy sign gets thrills from simple pleasures like placing aromatic flowers around the house and filling the air with the irresistible smells of home cooking. Mercury here can activate your planning powers, which you may beam towards romance or family. Date nights need to be reserved in advance, Bull, whether with your long-term bae or a Tinder potential. If babies are on the agenda, you may soon become obsessed with tracking your fertility.

If you have kids, you could snap them onto a stricter schedule in preparation for another unprecedented semester of (home?) school. No matter your relationship status, get your calendar sorted. Do you have ample times blocked out for your own pleasurable activities? If not, you may find that your hours get filled with other people’s agendas. It doesn’t matter if you’re reading, painting, or hooking up—just make sure you prioritize YOU.

On Saturday, the Sun blasts into Virgo, joining Mercury there and electrifying your amorous, glamorous fifth house until September 22. This galactic glow-up will send your magnetism skyrocketing! If you’re single and looking for a someone serious, be more accepting of different types—especially if having a strict checklist hasn’t gotten you what your heart desires.

While this might fly in the face of conventional dating advice, try this: From your very first conversation, start getting a sense of who they are, what their goals and values are like and what they’re looking for in a relationship. Hopefully this will act like a filter to screen out the lightweights or players. Already spoken for?

Don’t wait for your boo to drum up the next shared adventure. Take the initiative, which means you can get more of your favorite activities on the calendar! During this solar surge, your creativity kicks into overdrive. Don’t be shy about sharing ideas that aren’t exactly “practical,” because they’re bound to engender a lot more enthusiasm than you expect.

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