Ever the pragmatic one, you’re not accustomed to chasing after your aspirations without researching viability, costs and other practical considerations. But on Monday, August 24, with eager Mars revving his engines in rash Aries and your unconscious twelfth house, you might get a wild hare that you simply “have” to pursue.

Easy does it there, Bull! That morning, the red planet collides with circumspect Saturn, and his message is: Sure, it’s a promising idea, but why don’t you TEST it before you dive in horns first? And with stalwart Saturn in your candid ninth house, keep your cards close to your chest. Tempted as you’ll be to let someone have an unedited piece of your mind, such brazenness is likely to backfire.

This once-a-year square may halt you in your tracks and force a reality check. Nothing wrong with a calculated gamble, but how realistic are you being about the risk? Is there a safety net in place—i.e., a way to back out without being stuck with any collateral damage? That’s your M.O., Taurus, and this is NOT the time to abandon it!

Pay attention to the little things this week, Taurus—like, all of them and all week! They will either be your ace up your sleeve or your undoing. Your ruler, aesthetic Venus, will oppose two heavyweight planets, sending ping alerts to bring your A game. On Tuesday, Venus slams into “no limits” Jupiter, followed by an even more seismic smackdown when she opposes shadowy Pluto on Sunday, both in unyielding Capricorn and your expansive ninth house.

While it’s great to be so visionary, you don’t want to be so wide-angled that you overlook the micro touches that separate the mediocre from the masterful. Don’t let your own obsession or competitiveness pull you off the mark. Stay on guard for the first whiff of “compare and despair” syndrome.

It’s fine to let other people serve as inspiration, but DON’T try to copy them. With visually astute Venus involved, you should trust your own good taste. Even if no one else is doing anything similar, don’t change direction—take that as a sign that you’re truly innovative! Then suck down a shot of courage and call forth your inner confidence. You’ve got this, Bull. Now you just have to convince yourself!

Now that you’ve raised the bar for yourself, keep it there! That was some hard-won clarity, and the last thing you want to do is slip back into a “playing small” mindset. You may have to give yourself a pep talk in the mirror, but do what you must to keep your self-assurance dialed all the way up.

You’re your own best advocate so you need to talk up your work like a hired publicist! This may feel challenging on Thursday, when fantasy agent Neptune dangles one last carrot in front of Venus (“don’t work so hard; come out to happy hour with us”). Unless this is literally your last chance to hang with someone in person, stay focused on what your heart truly desires, knowing you’ll have plenty more time to play once you send off that pitch or put the final touches on a presentation you need to make next week.

SOURCEBased On Materials From AstroStyle
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