Focusing on work hasn’t exactly been easy this year, but listen up, Bull! You’ll hear a higher calling this Monday, August 3 when the year’s only full moon in high-vibe Aquarius switches on all the lights in your tenth house of career ambition and success.

Your efforts of the past six months could finally reach the tipping point, coming together with a flourish over the next two weeks (official “harvest” time for this lunar lift). To maximize this energy-boosting cycle, take a moment to celebrate what you’ve achieved, then ask yourself the million-dollar question: What would you like to do for your encore? With humanitarian Aquarius energy spurring you on, you could increase social responsibility, or go full-force with supporting social justice through your work.

Looking to make a move? Polish your resume, online profiles and cover letter templates, working with a coach if necessary. Just don’t wait too long to circulate because the power period for this full moon lasts for a fortnight. With tech-savvy Aquarius energy in the air, this could be your cue to bring your digital skills up to snuff—learn new software or take a webinar that teaches you the finer points of online marketing. This could exponentially grow your reach.

On Tuesday, messenger Mercury commands you to “relax, relate and retreat” as it posts up in Leo and your domestic fourth house until August 19. Since May 28, Mercury has been buzzing in Cancer and your social third house—an ultra-long journey, thanks to a retrograde from June 18 to July 12.

While you enjoyed getting masked-up and mingling, for the next three weeks, you’ll prefer intimate connections with inner circle friends and favorite relatives. Give yourself a break from playing activities director and follow your nesting instincts in whatever direction they are leading you. If it’s time to search for a new address, you could be drawn to a neighborhood that is not only warm and friendly, but also appeals to your aesthetics. (Beauty, as you define it, IS therapeutic to a Bull.) Happy where you live, but also, a little tired of staring at your quarantine decor?

Rearrange the furniture, paint an accent wall, add more plants—whatever it takes to customize your space within budget. Because the fourth house governs women, your female-identified friends and family members will play a starring role in this limited Mercury engagement. Team up with the ladies in your life who are always a source of comfort, strength and inspiration. When your mood is internal, take a pass and honor your need for private time. Start a morning journaling practice, or download an app like Insight Timer and explore its thousands of guided meditations.

But don’t go totally MIA! On Friday, romantic Venus enters your expressive and social third house, emphasizing heartfelt communication with people who you really, REALLY like a lot. Single Bulls can meet a slew of eligible playmates—when you DO feel like going out or hopping on an app. Couples should prioritize together time by getting out of the house (and out of your heads!) and enjoying a day in nature or on a meandering road trip. If there are issues in your relationship that need to be hashed out, don’t go the “raging Bull” route. Venus favors diplomatic dialogue.

Let your ruling planet provide the chill you need to speak truthfully but compassionately. Listen generously, giving others the benefit of the doubt, even if they “made” you text them five times before they responded or cancelled a dinner date after you already started prepping the ingredients. Hearing people out can go a long way toward creating resolution. And whether you care to admit it or not, peace and harmony would be pretty healing right now.

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