Connecting to community has been a challenge for everyone in 2020, but when the full moon in Pisces powers up your eleventh house this Wednesday, September 2, you’ll feel like diving into the nearest think tank. Intellectual stimulation won’t just come from books and TED talks.

Conversations about everything from UFOs to pineal gland meditations will charge you under these moonbeams. And it doesn’t stop there. How can you get in on the latest technological advances to, say, stabilize yourself economically—or even open up a brand-new income stream?

You don’t have to geek out to capitalize on these moonbeams. Embrace the collective mindset. Think cooperative living, co-sharing…co-anything! By pooling resources, you and your squad (or neighbors) may discover that you all have more than you need to not just get by, but thrive.

Are your dreamy notions rooted in reality? With Venus flowing through Cancer and your experimental third house since August 7, you’ve found it easier to depart from your practical nature. Ideas that normally wouldn’t pass the Taurean reality tests are up on the whiteboard for consideration. But this week, Venus gets checked by two “no B.S.” planets, Saturn (on Wednesday), then Mars (on Friday). As fact-checker Saturn opposes Venus midweek, you can’t gloss over inconsistencies. Maybe you’ve been wanting “more” from someone who just can’t give it, at least not at this point in time.

Forcing resolution is an exercise in frustration—and it’ll only leave you drained. So what to do in situations like these? Surrender, Bull. It’s not the same as giving up! But when Mars squares Venus from your twelfth house of healing release this Friday, waving the white flag will empower you. Stepping back allows others to step forward…or not. But either way, you’re creating a space that reveals their intentions. In the meanwhile, start allying with people who can give you the gold standard love that they are sure to get in return.

In an LTR? If you’ve been “harmlessly flirting” with someone on the outside, you could get a slap on the wrist…or worse. The suggestive text threads and “innocent” exchanges may still be luring you away from your commitments…and the line could get blurry, fast! Rein yourself in Taurus, or you might be walking around with a guilty conscience that drives a wedge further and further between you and your boo.

Integrity becomes more than just a buzzword starting Saturday when mindful Mercury moves into Libra and your ethical sixth house until September 27. Clean up broken promises, and if you don’t want to recommit to certain activities, figure out new agreements that actually work for YOU, too. Then, on Sunday, your cosmic guardian, sensitive Venus, bunks down in Leo and your cozy fourth house until October 2.

Thoughts will turn to hearth and home and perhaps some degree of “domestic makeover.” Keep the fridge and pantry loaded with healthy and hearty fare (and some party treats) since you may be entertaining a few surprise (safe) visitors. For visual inspiration, curl up with Pinterest and your favorite shelter and cooking blogs. No need to Netflix-and-chill by your lonesome. If you’re in a relationship, you probably won’t have to hard-sell bae on cozy nights IN. Singles who don’t feel like venturing out should flex their swiping fingers; just keep the bar high.

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