On Monday, August 6 your ruler, beautifying Venus, makes her annual swan-dive into Libra and your sixth house of wellness (and self-care!) until September 9. It’s time to lace up the trainers, metaphorically or literally, and get your blood pumping!

As an earth sign, it’s extra important for you to move your body on a daily basis, especially since Bulls can be a bit sedentary. Tap a friend to be your workout buddy and alternate favorite classes and teachers.

Scour the internet for fun new fitness trends and, while you’re bookmarking away, download inspirational recipes and create a “healthy living” folder on your desktop so it’s always at your fingertips. Loving Venus reminds you to turn some of your prodigious nurturing to numero uno, so get some appointments on the books for massage, shiatsu and maybe even craniosacral or an acupuncture facial.

And since your ruler is also the goddess of amour, this phase can be a shot in the arm for your romantic life. Single? Mix up your “methods,” mingling as much IRL as you are swiping. Attached? Convince your partner to get more active with you (outdoors as well as behind closed doors).

Make a habit of taking near-nightly walks and cooking awesomely nutritious meals together. A perfect day to launch that plan is Tuesday, when Venus forms a sweet trine with Mars. If “someone” balks on Thursday, however, don’t push it because Venus will be locked in a power struggle with cautious Saturn.

The stars may test your famous patience starting Tuesday, when wrench-tossing Uranus pivots into reverse in your sign until November 6. That can slow down new ventures or give you second thoughts (along with cold feet) on a project.

And then the side-spinning planet will retrograde back into Aries, straightening out on January 6 and returning to your sign on March 6. These seven months may be nail-biters, but you will have a chance to go inward and do some all-important strategic thinking.

When Uranus restarts its seven-year trek through your sign (and house of identity) in March, you’ll have had time to get used to the shakeups—and will be able to do some of your best and most creative work!

Saturday’s new moon in Leo is more than a “mere” dark moon: It’s a galvanizing solar eclipse that powers up your fourth house of home and family. Because this eclipse lands at a close degree to Mercury retrograde, you may have an opportunity to settle a score or bury a hatchet with a loved one.

If you haven’t been happy with your living arrangement or feel unfulfilled in any way, speak up! People aren’t mind readers and appreciate when things are out in the open. (Well, the kind of people you want to interact with!)

Mulling a move? Start reading listings and exploring new ‘hoods. But be patient. Eclipses can take six months (and sometimes up to a year) to unfold. Don’t think the “universe” is working against you; this is certainly for your own good!

On Sunday, go-getter Mars backtracks out of your career zone and into Capricorn and your ninth house of travel, philosophy and entrepreneurial ventures until September 10. This is its second trip to this realm this year—the first being March 17 to May 16. What did you put on hold at that time that’s worth revisiting?

In your interpersonal interactions, think before you blurt. While honesty is typically the best policy, with rash Mars here, you could actually burn bridges instead of building them.

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