Your Taurus weekly horoscope predicts that you will be questioned by a lot of people about your personal life. While you are an extrovert, you still do not like others knowing what happens in your personal life. Give yourself some time to recover from the minor accident that you had last week. Stop exerting yourself and start giving yourself a break. Not everyone has willpower, understand this.

Your Taurus horoscope weekly states that you have to be more careful when it comes to your health, especially when you managed to get yourself in an accident a few days ago. You need to start looking after yourself better because you are not young anymore, which makes you prone to injuries that take a longer time to heal. Take some time off to heal and allow your body to heal without exerting it too much.

Your Taurus horoscope weekly warns you from pursuing a relationship in the workplace, especially when your colleague and you are working on the same floor. There are chances that it will affect the quality of your work, and your productivity when it comes to you. You need to start working on your pending work before your boss notices and gets you into trouble. Finish it before the deadline.

Everyone has been giving your all sorts of advice ever since they found out that you are single. Stop listening to them and do what you feel is right, says the Taurus horoscope for the week. Take your time in understanding yourself, and stop allowing everyone to tell you what to do. You will know what to do when you have to do it. Stop stressing yourself out over such matters that are petty.

You enjoy traveling but you will not be able to find the time to travel because of your workload and hospital visits, says the Taurus horoscope weekly. You will find yourself rushing from home to the hospital and vice versa. Give yourself some time to recover instead of pushing yourself all the time. Give yourself a break. You need it more than anyone else. Take some time off and be by yourself.

Colors of the week: Gold, Silver

Lucky Numbers of the week: 4, 9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: G, M

Cosmic Tip: Your dreams will come true if you work hard enough for them.

Tips for Singles: Meet new people and find yourself.

Tips for Couples: Stop shutting your partner out when upset.

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