A lot of people consider you as their role model, and your Taurus weekly horoscope suggests that you respect that. You need to understand that being a Taurus, you have a certain air of magnetism that attracts people toward you and you need to be more welcoming and kinder towards them. People are attracted to your aura and you enjoy the spotlight. You will find yourself being confident this week.

Your Taurus weekly horoscope predicts that there are no chances of falling sick this week. Your health is going to shine this week and everybody will be amazed by your mindblowing figure. Little do they know that it’s your years of working towards your health. You can take a cheat day this week but eat healthy the rest of the week.

Your Taurus horoscope week predicts that you will be gaining opportunities this week at work. It is up to you to take these opportunities than let them go because of your self-doubt. Trust in your abilities and allow your experience to hone your skills. It is no weakness if you ask for help and your co-workers would be more than happy to help you out.

Your partner will try their best to communicate what is troubling them this week, and it is on you to support and comfort them. It is not easy for them to open up to you, says the Taurus weekly horoscope, and it would be helpful and strengthen your relationship if you heard them out. Stop allowing your friends to have a say in your relationship because this is the bond you share with your partner.

You enjoy traveling and your Taurus weekly horoscope suggests that you should take a break for a day or two this week. It will allow you to replenish your energy and explore yourself. You may also take your partner with you for this short getaway which will not only help in improving your relationship but also help you know your partner better. It would be advised that you do not take your work along with you.

Colors of the week: Yellow, Blue

Lucky Numbers of the week: 3, 9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: L, H

Cosmic Tip: Manifest your success.

Tips for Singles: Allow yourself to meet new people and explore the options available.

Tips for Couples: Opt for activities that your partner and you enjoy doing.

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