You find yourself to be having a very boring week especially with people taking advantage of your generous side. According to your Taurus horoscope for the week, you need to start allowing people close to you to face their battles than adopt their troubles as yours. This will just teach them to depend on you and never face their battles. They need to learn to stand against their obstacles and get past them on their own.

You find yourself to be mentally disturbed. You need to either accept how you feel and confront the individual who is troubling your thoughts and seek professional help because it is affecting you emotionally which is not helping you concentrate on your daily tasks. Stop allowing yourself to go through such trauma and such kind of torture. Being a Taurus, you are extremely capable of knowing what to do.

Your colleagues are more than impressed with the way you have been dealing with difficult clients and coworkers. You have a flair for this, and they often turn to you for help. According to your Taurus horoscope this week, you know that this week will be extremely productive for you, especially since you find yourself being congratulated by your seniors for your work projects and your ethics at work.

You need to stop hiding your emotions away and start accepting your feelings. You cannot keep hiding your feelings under a rug and expect them to be there. Suppression in your mind is not the best way to deal with any situation, especially traumatic ones. According to your weekly Taurus horoscope, it would be wise if you accepted how you felt and sought professional help that would help you.

According to your Taurus horoscope for the week, you find yourself staying at home for most of the week apart from the occasional grocery shopping and buying the essentials that are needed at home. Allow yourself to rest at home instead of bringing work home because this has started to affect the relationships you share with people close to you and it is advised that you maintain a work-life balance.

Colors of the Week: Golden, Blue

Lucky Numbers of the Week: 2, 8

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: H, L

Cosmic Tip: Surround yourself with people who will help you achieve your goals.

Tips for Singles: Stop allowing your past to determine your self-worth.

Tips for Couples: Understand the situation your partner is in rather than biting their head off.

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