The astral aspects indicate that this week you will be able to achieve what you have wanted for so long because of your determination and commitment. When it comes to matters of love, you will fulfill your couple goals effortlessly. Married couples will notice that their life is filled with romance and there are chances of pregnancy. You can face some problems at the end of the week but your spouse will be there to support you.

This week you may face some serious health problems. There are possibilities of chronic illness. Adequate medical attention will be required to maintain a healthy body. If you start taking care of your body from the first day of the week then you can keep some of these problems in control. Anxiety levels may also increase because of the diseases. It is advised to practice relaxation techniques such as meditation to remain calm.

All your hard work will produce positive results this week. Your commitment and determination will help you achieve what you wanted. It is advised to not let this achievement get over your head because it can make you fall back to the old place again. You may have to stay home most of the week but your boss may ask you to work from home. Do not say NO because it may degrade your image.

Love Advice For Taurus Woman

There are more chances of feeling good emotions than bad ones. Your marital life will be filled with romance and care. Support from your spouse will make you feel special. You will also see some changes on the career front that will make you feel worthy. You will feel excited when you get to know about travel plans. However, your health may make you feel weak but all these good emotions are more powerful than these bad ones.

Colors of the week: Neon, Blue, Red

Lucky Numbers of the week: 8, 2

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: G, I, P

Cosmic Tip: Caring too much about what other people think about you will not help you achieve your goals.

Tips for Singles – Always reach before the decided time on a date.

Tips for Couples – Inform your partner before taking any important decision about your relationship.

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