New priorities! Starting this Monday, July 9 your attention gets redirected to “me, myself and I.”

That’s because your heavenly sentinel, glamorous, amorous Venus, boogies into Virgo and your fashion-forward fifth house of flamboyance, flirtation and fame until August 6.

You won’t be able to outrun the spotlight, so you might as well bask in it! (And if the whole world is about to become your personal catwalk, you may want to book a major session in hair and makeup.)

With community-minded, sensual Venus here, your social life AND your love life are probably going to see a whole lot more action.

Single? Dress up and hit the scene like you mean it. Remember: You have to play to win, Bull. Venus could inspire couples to do something creative—from redecorating to posing for romantic photos to procreating a new addition to the family. (Something that could definitely be in the cards since the fifth house also rules fertility.)

All Tauruses can tap into Venus’ artistic and musical influence now, so pick up your pen, brush or guitar and play!

Later this week, Venus gets a boost from two earth trines—first from disruptor Uranus in your sign on Wednesday and then grounding Saturn in your visionary zone on Saturday. Think so far outside the box that you totally lose sight of the box!

We’re very happy to share the news you’ve been waiting several months for (whether you were aware of it or not): On Tuesday, lucky and expansive Jupiter wakes up from a torpid four-month retrograde in Scorpio and your seventh house of partnerships.

A few of your closest connections may have felt like they had some faulty wiring, and a budding relationship might have hit the skids.

But with jubilant Jupiter powering forward, your love life will benefit from a cosmic tailwind. If something merely got put on hold, see if you pick up where you left off around March 8 and get things going again.

And try to see the benefit in this time-out. Perhaps one of you had to clear something—more like somebody—out of your field.

Maybe you needed some time apart to rethink and regroup. Whatever did or didn’t happen, you should start to feel the pressure lightening and (mutual) desire rising.

It’s safe for single Taureans to dive back into the dating pool now. Your chances of meeting more stimulating prospects are better than earlier in the year, but don’t put all your eggs in one online-dating basket. Get more involved in your personal passions and chat up the friendly faces!

Then, on Thursday, 2018’s only new moon in Cancer—which happens to be a galvanizing solar eclipse—lands in your third house of communication and self-expression.

Where have you been holding back, either not saying something you need to get off your chest or sugar-coating an important message?

This lunation amps up your gift of gab, making you quite the unabashed flirt. If you’re single, don’t just swipe wildly. Unpack some of that smart and sultry Taurus sweet talk, and you’ll have your pick of the litter.

But snap out of your tech trance when real live humans are within range. A conversation you strike up with a stranger could be stirring enough to turn into a dinner date.

Couples should create space on the calendar for more playtime and cultural dates—a deux or with your squad mates. /Based on the materials from AstroStyle

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