What you say and especially HOW you say it matter more than usual this week, Taurus, meaning it’s not too early to get strategic. And be forewarned that everyone will have an opinion, even those who don’t have a legit claim to one!

That’s just the way it goes sometimes, so be prepared to navigate your way through some noisy crowds en route to your own quiet sanctuary. Until Wednesday, July 22, the Cancer Sun is hunkered down in your third house of communication, helping you find a diplomatic way to interact with others.

But midweek, it’ll connect to two heavyweight planets, both in Capricorn and your ninth house of expansion, candor and global initiatives. On Tuesday, July 14, el Sol swing into its annual opposition to unfiltered Jupiter, which could spark some atypically blunt and spontaneous utterances. Normally, you prefer to think, mull, edit, review (etc.) before making public pronouncements. But under these provocative skies, your lips will be loose! It doesn’t help that, with Jupiter retrograde, things may not come out the way they sounded in your head (for the split-second you even heard it).

While everyone broadcasts THEIR ideas over the PA, it’ll be hard to separate “facts” from points of view, which can get confusing. Your best tactic? Maintain a healthy distance—beyond “social distancing” guidelines that is. And if someone tries to press your buttons, take note and refuse to engage. That’ll take the wind out of their sails!

And then on Wednesday, el Sol slams into transformational Pluto, also retrograding through Capricorn and your unfiltered, unfettered ninth house. Have you been itching to travel—anywhere?! You’ll need to do a lot of research, from where you even CAN go to what are the safest modes of transit, but it’s still a possibility. Start with friends and familiar locales for your peace of mind.

You might get an opportunity to do business with people in another city, state or even part of the world. To stretch like that might require some advanced training or a language refresher course, both ruled by your ninth house. It may be thrilling to fly by the seat of your pants, but do your homework! You really can pull this off, Taurus, but you need to be smart about it.

Warning: Since the Cancer Sun is burning it up in your communication sector, every word WILL count, especially with uncensored Jupiter and penetrating Pluto throwing shade from your outspoken ninth house. Don’t let your important message get lost in translation because you decided to unleash a “raging Bull” monologue in the heat of the moment.

Sure, your point may be valid—spot-on, even—but are people in the right headspace to hear it? You might indeed have the ultimate zinger, but leave people’s dignity intact, especially during public discourse. And don’t shift into victim mode if people “aren’t listening” to you. See misunderstandings as an opportunity to strengthen your pitch. Could you reframe this in a way that feels like a win-win?

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