This week you are advised to put a second thought before making any decisions. You should gird your loins to face challenges with tranquility. This week is not great to start any new ventures. You may face some problems in love. You will start seeing the magic of luck after the third day of this week. Some of you may come into new relationships. The married couple may face some problems because of finance.

This week you will notice that you have moved one step closer to your health goals. The positions of the stars are favorable and that will protect you against chronic illnesses. Minor health problems may come and go but you should not ignore them. Good health will also keep your mood refreshed. Stick to your exercise routines and diet to keep your body fit throughout the week. It is a great week to involve in sports activities.

This week you will make great progress in your career. The positions of the stars are favorable that will maintain a positive environment at the office. Your seniors and colleagues will there to help you only if you ask for it. A good relationship with the management will help you in achieving your targets. Because you complete your work before the deadline you will get some spare time to have fun with colleagues after work.

This week you will a lot of happy emotions. Your health, career, and travel, everything will make you go crazy (in a good way!). However, married couples may get into some fights but it will only be because of financial issues. Single people are going to meet someone new and special that will make their heartbeat go faster. It is advised to not make any immediate decisions when you are happy or sad.

This week is the perfect time to do some traveling. Your office may give you a chance to travel out of the country for a meeting or other reason. If you say yes to it then you will not regret it. You can also travel because of your close one’s, as wedding to another state. If you are single then there are chances of you meeting a lovely person on one of your trips. If you are committed then you may come across the perfect gift for your partner.

Colors of the week: Magenta, White

Lucky Numbers of the week: 8, 5, 3

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: L, A

Cosmic Tip: Do not compare yourself to others.

Tips for Singles: Lying on the first date is not cool.

Tips for Couples: Do not check your partner’s phone without their permission.

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