Your generous instincts are admirable, Bull—but are they even appreciated? On Monday, July 27, your luxury-loving ruler, Venus, who’s parked in Gemini and your second house of finances, clashes with unrealistic Neptune in your community sector.

This is the third and final of a trio, and you might find yourself reliving events or themes that transpired on (or near) the preceding ones on May 3 and May 20 (the second one occurred while Venus was retrograde). So before your simmering anger or resentment reaches a boiling point, stop yourself from reflexively reaching for your wallet.

Unless your last name is Winfrey or Buffet, don’t think you “should” foot the bill for someone unless you CHOOSE to. (And even then, think twice!) It’s one thing to pay for both your coffees if you’re standing in line six feet apart, but if dipping into your savings to float someone else is a hardship, ask yourself why you’re even considering it. It’s time to show your affection or support in a different way.

Friday’s stars offer a chance to skip the merriment—whether a socially distanced gathering or yet another Zoom cocktail party. With the self-directed Leo Sun hunkered down in your domestic quarters aligned with healing comet Chiron in your introspective twelfth house, you might be in the mood to do…not so much today and especially this evening. But don’t focus on what you’re NOT doing. There actually are plenty of things that would be enjoyable.

Can you slip away for a nature walk or bike ride, or how about a midday flowy yoga class? The fringe benefit is that by switching off your logical left brain and stimulating your artistic right, you might just bust through a creative block. Need a wise friend to vent to? There’s no shortage of caring souls who are eager to lend their support.

On Sunday, you may feel a bit defensive, especially if a strong personality tries to trample all over your turf. Consider that the “byproduct” of a tense, 90-degree square between volatile Uranus in your self-authorized first house and the willful Leo Sun in your domestic zone.

Thanks to that placement, the offending party could be a relative, roommate or a whiny child—i.e., someone who you love dearly. But hey, if they’re disrespecting your boundaries, don’t let them get away with it. Acknowledge their feelings while at the same time being sure to honor your own.

It’s important for you AND them that you stand up against any kind of bullying. Of course, check in with your own instinctual behavior, Taurus. Under these feisty stars, you might be the one acting rashly or aggressively. If you want to have a sustainable relationship with someone (even if you don’t vibe with them), you both need to be willing to compromise.

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