Have the signals been choppy at the Taurus communication station? With Mercury retrograde in Cancer and your third house of expression since June 18, Bulls got hit with a double whammy of mixed messages.

If you haven’t disappeared into the cone of silence, you may be kicking yourself for a Tweetrum you threw or deeply regretting a Timeline TMI. Hey, Taurus, we all have our “oops!” moments. But no need to hide under the covers. This Sunday, July 12, Mercury will pivot direct—and after that, it’s speeding ahead through your articulate third house until August 4.

Soon you’ll be in the clear again. But THIS week, keep the filters strictly in place. If anything, this is the perfect moment to get back in touch with friends from back in the day. Or pour all those words into a writing project or take an online workshop. And if it helps you sharpen a monetizable skill, you might consider taking a longer certification program later this year.

On Saturday, July 11, there will another retrograde to contend with as Chiron, the comet known as “the wounded healer” takes its annual reverse commute. Learning the meaning of “healthy boundaries” will be a big lesson between now and December 15, as Chiron backs up through Aries and your twelfth house of closure, healing and the subconscious mind. When it comes to family and close friends, few are as loyal as you.

Trouble is, you can go a little overboard with your caring involvement. Then, when people don’t apply your advice (and worse, keep repeating the same “stupid” mistakes), you can turn into a raging bull. Despite your noble intentions, that only creates more damage and distance. What to do? With Chiron on retreat, you’ll have an easier time pulling back—but instead of creating distractions, turn the lens on yourself.

Major strides can be made in therapy, coaching or another healing modality over the next three months. By finding new ways to work through your pain, you’ll be able to support your people. Instead of enabling their bad behavior by rushing in for the save, learn to empower them to “do for self” by steering them towards tools.

Your thoughts might veer into visionary terrain on Sunday, as the Sun in Cancer and your analytical third house hooks up with idealistic Neptune. Let yourself be more of a dreamer than a realist for the day. Pour a glass of iced tea and sit down with your journal, musical instruments, art supplies—whatever channel is best for the muse. An idea wants to come OUT of that pretty little head of yours.

Don’t waste creative energy trying to nail down the practical details like cost or timing; what’s needed now is some boundless, big-picture, creative visualization. With Neptune in your eleventh house of collaboration and technology, you will attract the perfect collaborators. Tap the power of your social network and platforms to get the word out. This one could literally go viral.

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