Here’s a bee for your bonnet, Bull: Are you 100 percent clear on the difference between a want and a need? If not—or if you could stand a refresher course—this week’s stars offer a tutorial. On Wednesday, June 3, your cosmic custodian, aesthetic Venus (who’s retrograde), teams up with the ego-driven Sun in your second house of money, security, values and luxury.

This is like the universe elbowing you in the ribs to act anything BUT reflexively where your wallet is concerned. What feels “necessary” or even “deserved” may actually be your trickster unconscious mind trying to plug an emotional hole that even the hottest, strappiest sandals in the world can’t fill. If you need a reality check, pay a visit to your banking app and have a gander at that bottom line.

If it’s healthier than you thought—and more than enough to cover the month’s expenses—AND you’re still drooling over that shiny or sexy thing tomorrow, then consider it a possibility. But if there are precious few digits to the left of the decimal point, then talk yourself down off the retail ledge and get your fix from something non-tangible, like a catch-up call with a long-distance BFF or an early-to-bed night with bae.

But prior to this, on Tuesday night, you may feel an inner tug of war about how to follow—and express—some deep-seated feelings. With the cosmic lovebirds Venus and Mars at loggerheads, you’re torn between keeping it casual (or platonic) and baring your soul. Rash Mars in dreamy Pisces and your community sector sees everyone as a potential partner (well, unless you’re in a locked-and-loaded committed relationship).

But the red planet is making a tense, 90-degree square to Venus, who’s retrograde and cloistered in your security sector. While “that person” might indeed be appealing, there’s a fear that you could get your heart stepped on—or ruin a perfectly lovely friendship. Part of you is disappointed, yet another (wiser?) part is already relieved at the potential heartache you just saved yourself from.

Hang the Do Not Disturb sign—pronto!—on Friday, as the year’s only full moon in Sagittarius, which is also a potent lunar eclipse (the first in a two-year eclipse series on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis), powers up your erotic and intimate eighth house.

Fire up the scented candles and moody lighting and cue that sultry playlist! Under these seductive moonbeams, you’re ready to go all in with someone you already adore or are just getting to know on “that” level. While tonight and the next two weeks are peak manifesting time for this lunation, its influence can linger for up to six months.

While you’re not exactly a “dabbler,” Bull, during that time, you might start to feel like it’s got to be all or nothing. But think long and hard before you issue any ultimatums. Some people just need a little longer to “get it,” and with them, the harder you push, the more they pull away. Tranquilo!

SOURCEBased On Materials From AstroStyle
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