You want to be generous, Taurus, but at what cost? This Monday, as your ruler, lavish Venus, gets into a tangled angle with nebulous Neptune, you could find yourself reaching for your wallet while a wave of resentment builds. Sharing is caring…to a point. But if treating for a round means stressing about July rent, resist, resist, resist!

Your real friends wouldn’t want that from you, and there are other ways to show that you care. If a group plan is starting to get expensive, get into a huddle and figure out ways you can do this on a budget. Even if YOU have the funds for a luxe celebration, check in with others involved to make sure it fits in with their budgets, too.

Got some loose ends to tie up? Tuesday’s quarter moon in Aries and your twelfth house of completions can help you wrap them up with a red velvet bow. Maybe it’s an errand you keep putting off, an item you need to return or an inevitable conversation you can no longer avoid. Dreading the task is taking up far more energy than actually doing it. This doesn’t have to zap your entire week.

The twelfth house also rules rest and rejuvenation, so by all means, use these balancing moonbeams to recharge. Sip tea in the hammock (while reading purely for leisure) or take a trip to the beach…or spa. This can get you in the relaxed headspace you need to tackle those “gotta get ‘er done” duties. Who knows? You might have a spiritually enlightened realization while scrubbing the tub. (It happens.)

As you flow through the week, invite more beauty and magic into your world. Think of yourself as an “earth angel” when it comes to your personal interactions. The little things you do, like treating a friend to brunch, helping a neighbor unload packages from their car, or just LISTENING, can make a major impact.

Got matters on the home front to clear up? A cosmic tailwind comes on Wednesday, when garrulous Mercury drops into Leo and your fourth house of domesticity and privacy until August 29. This is an annual event, but this year you get a few bonus weeks due to Mercury retrograding from July 7 to 31.

Plump up your pillows, put an extra leaf in the dining room table, get out the Vitamix and perfect a few cold-soup recipes and fresh salads. You’ll enjoy cozying up with your inner circle and the people whose company you enjoy most.

The retrograde is an especially good time for reunions with the people you adore. (But not a great time to try to hash out sibling rivalries or attempt to restore the love with a frenemy.) Since you may be spending more time than usual in your Bullpen, this is a perfect time for a few of those “creature comfort” upgrades you’ve been craving!

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