Stable Taurus, you’re always ready to be the rock for your people, but lately, leaning on certain folks has been as stabilizing as planting your Nikes in quicksand.

This Thursday could be an eye-opener, as the illuminating Sun gets filtered by Neptune’s hazy veil. Brace yourself, because people’s true colors might not be as rainbow-bright as their social personas would fool you to believe. That charismatic dynamo might be better at giving lip service (or pointing you to helpful books and YouTube videos) than offering a legit source of support.

Sparkleponies come in many packages, Taurus. Under this befuddling mash-up, even your ride-or-die homies might be MIA near Thursday. But before you start cleaning house, find out what’s really going on.

Could it be that friends are just involved in their own interpersonal dramas and distractions? There’s a good chance that this has nothing to do with you. Look for the silver lining if your BFFs don’t text back. You now have a chance to nurture a newer friendship, one that could evolve into a kindred-spirit-grade bond.

You’ll be in lively spirits this Saturday, as energizer Mars teams up with artsy Neptune in your outgoing, communal eleventh house. This oddball planetary pairing comes once every two years, providing the adrenaline rush you need to break through “barriers” and get connected to new groups of people.

Under normal circumstances, it would be festival season—the perfect Mars-Neptune backdrop to bounce between soundstages (and sleeping bags), as you revel in the company of attractive strangers. But 2020 requires more creativity for getting your fix. Bring together the right-sized crowd (and the right-length distance) and make the fun happen.

Do you have a friend who DJs? Another who can work the grill? Or, since the eleventh house rules social justice, you might decide to join up with a protest or demonstration happening in your area. The most important rule to follow is to make sure your core crew is full of positive people.

Unpleasant group dynamics could also be revealed near Saturday and you may realize that you’re so over the Mars-fueled stress or the Neptunian head games. Part of you is willing to go along to get along, but your invincible practical side (the one that usually wins out) ISN’T willing to sit back and wait for the train wreck to go down.

This may be your cue to either leave the group or give a disruptive diva their walking papers. One bad apple can sour the barrel. And lord knows your chill friends are probably as tired as you are of kowtowing to this narcissist’s demands.

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