Feeling sleepy? Forget the coffee and take a disco nap. Your annual R+R cycle commences this Tuesday, March 20, and for some Bulls, that’s not a moment too soon! After a hectic four weeks, you’ll be relieved to stay home and get life back into a steady groove, featuring your favorite Taurean routines.

This is the beginning of Aries season, when the Sun sails through your restful twelfth house and invites you to kick off the stilettos, drop the power suit off at the dry cleaner, then slip into your yoga pants and bunny slippers and call it a month.

When el Sol blasts ahead on April 19, it will sound the bell on Taurus season, and you’ll need to be well rested and totally on your game. Until then, slow down and minimize your commitments. Catch up on your reading, journaling, decluttering—and of course, your all-important beauty sleep! Pay attention to your dreams during this cycle. There might be some interesting messages in those night visions.

This phase also brings opportunities to step away from toxic or trying relationships, kick a bad habit or process any unresolved emotions, especially grief over a loss or breakup. The main message is to be kind and gentle to yourself and not beat yourself up over things you “could” have done differently. The past is over; you’ve got NOW to deal with, so make it count!

This solar spell is perfect for starting or returning to a daily meditation practice, ideally first thing in the morning. If sitting still is challenging, Zen out on a yoga mat or by making art or music. The point is to clear your mind of clutter and become increasingly aware that you HAVE thoughts, but you aren’t your thoughts.

Slowing down is not the same as shifting into reverse and losing ground, however—which becomes a distinct risk starting Thursday, when communication planet Mercury turns retrograde in Aries until April 15. Some things will be out of your control—like someone else’s change of heart or “random” computer hiccups. Still, hedge your bets by upgrading your cloud storage capacity and backing up all important files.

If you must sign a contract, squint to read the fine print, or hire a lawyer to do it for you. Since retrogrades rule the past—and because this backspin occurs in your twelfth house of forgiveness and transitions—an old wound may reopen before it heals for good. Even if it’s painful, know that you’re ripping off the Band-Aid and preparing to move on for once and for all.

One proactive thing you can do during these transits is to scour your own psyche and make sure you’re not undermining your own best efforts. Keep this in “mind” on Friday, as your subconscious thoughts may throw you a curveball, when shadowy Pluto clashes with your heavenly overlord, Venus, in that same twelfth house of internal operations. Don’t ignore that little voice in your head that may be trash-talking.

The trick is to identify those internal critics and root them out before they do real damage or waylay your dreams. Another priority should be taking extra good care of yourself! Treat yourself to organic juices at the health food counter, get a regular massage on the books, and practice saying “no” to things that feel more obligatory than pleasurable. When you free up more emotional bandwidth, you’ll be centered and more in tune with your own uplifting wisdom. source: TheAstroTwins

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