Buh-bye, birthday month! Before you blow out all the candles, however, take a minute to make one last wish before the Sun exits your sign and moves on to Gemini and your second house of finances and stability until June 20 (with more excitement in that zone later in the week). Yours is the sign of sensible luxury, so hold off on shifting into “practical-planning” mode and treat yourself to one final indulgence.

On Wednesday, May 20, el Sol turns your attention to very pragmatic matters, and you may have to make do with less for a while. It’s easy to see the negatives, but challenge yourself to embrace the elegant beauty of simplicity. You naturally favor quality over quantity, so make it your new mission statement! You might be able to influence (and bolster) friends who aren’t as good at this as you are.

For the past month, when the Sun was in Taurus, you may have downloaded a deluge of brainstorms. Now, in Gemini season, you can run the most promising (or just exciting) of the lot through the reality filter and decide which, if any, are worth an investment of your time. In addition to more strategic budgeting, this power surge can motivate you to find ways to thrive in 2020’s unexpected “new” economy. And with disruptor Uranus in your sign for the long haul, you’re becoming better at dabbling outside your comfort zone.

Also on Wednesday, you may have to shift out of cruise control with certain friendships. With Venus retrograde side-eyeing shadowy Neptune in your collaborative eleventh house, you could discover a seemingly loyal friend’s real colors (sadly, probably not a shade of “true blue”). While you’d do almost anything to avoid a confrontation, this isn’t an offense you can continue to overlook.

This is the second of three Venus-Neptune squares, including the recent one on May 3 and the next and final one on July 27. Do a little rehearsal in a mirror, then approach this person, citing your evidence and—most important—stating how you feel. You don’t need to get into a verbal smackdown. Just say your piece and move on. In fact, the less you say, the more powerful you’ll come off. If you’re recruiting candidates for Team Taurus, don’t ignore the twitching of your intuitive antennas. They’re more reliable than any “evidence” new people might submit.

This Friday marks the year’s only new moon in Gemini, which, along with the Sun, will activate your second house of security and finances. New moons, symbolizing fresh starts, can usher in a wave of exciting opportunities, but there’s a “catch”: You have to do your part. The universe doesn’t deliver by drone to your doorstep (well, not reliably). So meet it at least halfway by doing real-life things like updating your resume and online bios, including new—and flattering—photos.

If necessary, rig up some good lighting and ask a friend to take some snaps, following all safe social-distancing guidelines. Then work on a game plan that will pivot you in the right direction to get you where you want to wind up by the corresponding Gemini full moon—a galvanizing lunar eclipse!—on November 30. Give yourself the full six months to manifest this goal, but don’t put so much pressure on yourself that you lose your motivation.

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