This week is about to bring some good news for you. You may not have expected everything to turn out to be in your favor, but it is only a reward for your hard work. Be it your investment in emotions or your hard work on the professional front, your efforts are bound to be met with a reward. If you have been trying to mend your relationship with a long-lost friend, this is the appropriate time.

When everything is proceeding like a dream, how can you not feel good! There could have been some minor health issues that had been concerning you for some time, but this week is going to turn your dreams into reality. If a loved one has been sick for some time, you can find them recovering soon. You are going to succeed in your fight against any health-related this week.

Your professional life is about to witness a major boost this week. If you have been looking for new career opportunities or have been planning to switch jobs, this week is the most auspicious time. If you are a student and have been dreaming of a particular university, you might end up stepping into your dream university! Overall, it is going to be a week full of anxiety, hope, and surprises.

You are very emotional by nature, dear Taurus. Even though you may appear to be tough on the outside, your close ones know how soft you are on the inside. Your emotions this week are premised entirely upon the idea that you may fail to get your dream job or make it to your dream college. There can be a lot of anxiety regarding the same as well. But the anticipation is what makes the result enjoyable.

When you had been applying to colleges and companies that are far from home, you did have in mind that you have to leave home, even if temporarily. This week serves as a reminder that you shall have to bid your family goodbye for now. It is for the sake of your career, dear. Taurus. There is nothing that should make you feel like you should back off this week.

Colors of the week: Grey, Orange

Lucky Numbers of the week: 5,8

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: K, T

Cosmic Tip: Even with all your achievements, you should remain down to earth.

Tips for Singles: Never decide on something that you might repent later.

Tips for Couples: Do not allow distance to separate the two of you.

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