No one has to tell an industrious Bull to roll up your sleeves and get busy! And starting this week, the universe will support your efforts in a big, bold new way.

On Tuesday, May 5, the moon’s North Node leaves Cancer and your expressive third house and zips into Gemini and your second house of finances and security. (Yes, the nodes move in the opposite direction of the planets.) Even though the global economy is wildly unstable right now, things WILL begin to return to normal one day, and if you get nimble and pivot for these changing times, you will find creative ways to raise your bottom line between now and January 18, 2022.

True, there may be heavy dues to pay until your ship comes in, but if you can ride these winds of change, you could actually come out earning—and saving—more than before. No one is calling this a good thing, but there are silver linings, and your resourceful sign is just the type to find a few.

Across your chart, the lunar South Node is swinging into Sagittarius and your eighth house of shared resources. Look beyond the “usual suspects” and see who might be the perfect collaborator for a joint venture.

Two is your magic number, Taurus, as the year’s only full moon in Scorpio turbocharges your dynamic-duos house this Thursday. Professional or creative partnerships may get a second wind if things were sagging, as inspiration seems to be everywhere. A budding or longtime romantic relationship could hit a milestone. Unattached Bulls or those in an “isolationship” might want to be a bit cheekier with your texting.

If you haven’t been able to decide whether to get more serious, these lunar beams will bring clarity—especially if you take the initiative. Your urge to merge could hit record levels, and not only for lusty reasons.

Together or apart, you’re suddenly interested in a relationship with someone you feel a real connection with—to talk about how your day was and share plans for a “non-restricted” future.

Set the bar high and don’t lower it for anyone who DOESN’T meet your standards. (That said, don’t go crazy with those criteria. Somebody who breaks from type could wind up being your ideal partner, and you’d overlook them if you’re too fussy.) There’s a happy medium here, Taurus. Make it your mission to find it!

On Sunday (or very early Monday morning in some time zones), Saturn, the planet of structure and future plans, shifts into reverse in Aquarius and your tenth house of career ambition until July 1 (then rounding out the retrograde in Capricorn and your visionary ninth house until September 29).

Granted, this retrograde isn’t the green light you were hoping for, but if you’ve been paying attention and doing your homework, it can help you reassess a situation with clear eyes, make necessary course corrections and get back on the proper track for later this year.

Saturn’s M.O. is slow and steady cautious progress, and its conservative nature is (generally) a helpful reminder to tap the brakes when you might be speeding and decide with intention where to channel your time and energy.

Saturn is the wise mentor of the zodiac, so working with a therapist, coach or guide during this annual backspin can help you strengthen your aspirations and sharpen your skills. That way, you can launch your dream when Saturn turns direct on September 29.

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