With retrograde Mercury backstroking through your Scorpio-ruled partnership zone since October 13, you may have dealt with questionable behavior—and from people you count on the most. Maybe they’ve been evasive, or certain math isn’t adding up. But good luck getting a straight answer!

Detaching would be wise—and no, it’s not the same as denial. Pieces of the puzzle may start to reveal themselves starting Tuesday, October 27, when Mercury retreats into Libra and your no-nonsense sixth house for the final seven days of its backspin. While it’s up to you whether to cut things off or talk them out, step back a little so you can see the situation clearly. When Mercury turns direct on Tuesday, November 3, you can decide the appropriate action to take.

At work, the next week is an optimal time to review your systems. Greater efficiency is always a possibility, but first you need to pop open the proverbial hood and assess. Does someone on the crew need more training? Could your team benefit from group messaging apps like Slack, or project management software? On a personal note, setting up a shared calendar could restore a bit more harmony to your home.

Speaking of “slack,” have you been slacking on self-care? Time to treat yourself like the god(ddess) you are. Later on Tuesday, radiant Venus arrives in Libra, announcing her annual visit to your sixth house of healthy routines. This galactic glow-up lasts until November 21. That’s plenty of time to recover from Mercury retrograde (which ends November 3) as you clean up and green up everything from the food on your plate to the products in your cabinets.

This is THE time to come up with a seasonally appropriate fitness plan to keep your heart pumping. Working out is extra important for you, Taurus, as your sedentary earth sign NEEDS to get regular exercise. Recruit a workout partner, even if you’re connecting virtually for morning motivation calls and to share results via app. (Is that Peloton bike calling your name?) Romantic Venus in Libra can turn buddy workouts with bae into foreplay.

Halloween 2020 won’t be a buzzkill for Bulls, because this Saturday, October 31 features the annual full moon in Taurus. No, you might not get to frolic the usual way, but we’re betting you’ll sniff out some trouble. With spontaneous Uranus sitting close to la lune—and opposite the Scorpio Sun in your relationship house, the perfect plus-one could pop up to howl at the moon with you.

Even the play-it-safe Taureans will be in daredevil form. (Wear a mask over your mask, k?) Over the next couple weeks, this cosmic trifecta may force you to redraw boundaries with the people closest to you.

How much do you REALLY want to share—and what would you like to keep all to yourself? Since the Sun moved into Scorpio and your seventh house of partnerships (from October 22 to November 21), you’ve been dividing everything by two. But the full moon and rebellious Uranus are in Taurus and your self-sacrosanct first house, making that algorithm problematic.

Over-functioning could cause you to feel suffocated in a relationship—or worse, deeply resentful. Already feeling the pain? Let this dynamic opposition serve as a wake-up call. You don’t have to read anyone the riot act; in fact, it’s best to NOT go off under this combative transit.

But do curb any “generosity” that feels like a sacrifice. Conversely, this full moon may bring a palm-to-forehead moment as you realize that you’ve been taking a critical person in your life for granted. Uranus might also reveal the many ways that joining forces can actually bring freedom and relief. Don’t rule out an unconventional pairing while casting for your other half!

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