You can find yourself in a difficult situation this week. There is a lot of work lying ahead of you, but you cannot prioritize your work over your family’s health. After all, what else is a family for, if not to help each other in times of distress? Someone in your family or your neighborhood can be sick this week and you might need to help them out by keeping your work aside.

Even though you are going to be fit the entire week, you will have to contribute to keeping others around you healthy as well. To do that, you might have to compromise with your work. But it is okay to stay away from workload once in a while, especially to help someone recover from a difficult situation. You also need to take care of your loved ones’ mental well-being.

There is a lot of workload on you this week and when there happens to be a conflict between your personal life and your professional life, you usually let your career win. But this week, you cannot afford to prioritize work because it is a matter of someone’s life. After all, it is not just work in your career that matters. Your concern for fellow human beings is also a responsibility.

This week, you may not have time to spend dwelling on emotions. You have a lot going around you and the entire week will be spent in a rush. You do feel bad about having to sacrifice your work and simultaneously, about the person who happens to be sick. But if you keep wondering about such things, time will pass by and you may have to repent for not working efficiently.

You could have had some travel plans in place for the time you will be done with the current project. But unforeseen circumstances have claimed all your time and the remainder must be used to complete your job on time. There can be serious consequences if you fail to submit the assignment before the date. But do not get disheartened Taurus. You can execute your plans when the time

Colors of the week: Green, Black

Lucky Numbers of the week: 1, 4

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: B, G

Cosmic Tip: Keep in touch with your loved ones.

Tips for Singles: Friendships do not always have to turn into love.

Tips for Couples: Try to communicate rather than let misunderstandings ruin your beautiful bond.

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