Straighten up and fly right—or at least have one last hurrah and THEN flag down the wellness wagon. On Tuesday, September 22, the Sun commences its annual monthlong half-marathon through Libra and your sixth house of healthy living. And if you’re being honest, after four weeks of extravagances and excesses (with the Sun in your decadent fifth house), you may be chomping at the bit to clean up your act. But easy does it, Bull.

You know that if you shift from “everything” to “not so much,” you’re likely to rebel. So take your time making small but significant shifts in your eating, workouts and sleep habits, adopting new patterns that you will ideally enjoy and can stick with. Before this cycle really kicks in, maybe do a little preliminary cleanup by clearing out the obvious junk from your fridge and cabinets and restocking the larder with fresh, plant-based staples.

Ask fitness-obsessed friends to share their favorite apps, or if you’re comfortable, see if any studios in your area are hosting the types of workout classes you feel safe participating in. And think beyond “diet and exercise.” Everything you do impacts your wellbeing, and there’s no greater enemy to a healthy immune system than stress. So be ruthless in the coming weeks and recognize your biggest stressors, then do something to lower your exposure—and maybe eliminate it altogether!

A very different wave comes rushing in this Sunday as messenger Mercury alights in Scorpio and your seventh house of dynamic duos until December 1. Regardless of your current status, this is a significant transit because Mercury normally zips through a sign in about three weeks, often bringing a kind of “wham bam, thank-you ma’am” energy to connections that begin during those dizzying fast weeks.

But thanks to a retrograde from October 13 to November 3, you get two whole months to max out on this merger-minded energy. (FWIW: Mercury will retreat back into Libra from October 27 to November 10.) Singles will be extra-keen to meet someone and explore possibilities, and even if you don’t meet your love match during this cycle, you could find your way to a creative or professional partner that’s even more meaningful to you now.

Whether for love or profits, lean in to the law of “opposites attract.” Who needs a clone anyway? Couples may find conversation comes more easily with the expressive planet in their relationship house. And in the sultry sign of Scorpio, you may become fluent in nonverbal communication. Hey, practice makes perfect!

All Bulls will benefit by making a concerted effort to be a better listener, which will be especially vital during the retrograde. That three-week transit is famous for bringing all kinds of people back into your orbit, so if you hear from an ex “out of the blue,” think in advance whether you want to go down THAT path again, so you’re not caught off-guard.

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