Hey Taurus, this week you are in the mood of setting things right by taking control of your life. This is the week when you start to find the root cause of the issues that have been troubling you. No more sweeping problems under the rug, find permanent solutions to your problems. This may seem like a lot of work at first and stressful also but when you start to do it will make you feel refreshed.

You will enjoy good health and wellbeing this week, Taurus. But you need to be very careful of changing weather. You are prone to getting a cold or cough which can be at an acute stage in the beginning but if you do not take care of it, it can seriously trouble you. Do not be careless and stay in a warm place or at least keep yourself warm by wearing adequate clothes.

This is the perfect week to make some positive changes in your career. You may have been feeling stable for some time now. You will come through some exciting and new opportunities that can change the course of your career and need you to take some steps regarding it. This will help in boosting your career and it will also help in reducing the work-related stress that disturbs your life balance.

You will have a very active mind this week. You will be full of inspiration and ideas. New plans will constantly knock on the door of your mind and you will be able to take the necessary steps to execute these plans very easily. The only problem this week will be that you might feel overwhelmed because of the constant flow of ideas that are filling your mind. Everyone around you will be inspired by you and your ideas.

You might have to relocate this week because of your job. You may have applied for this job a long time ago and now it requires you to relocate as the company does not hire people from your location. If you live with your parents then it can give you a chance to learn how to live alone and all the other things that will help you survive in this difficult world.

Colors of the week: Green, Red

Lucky Numbers of the week: 5, 8

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: G, C

Cosmic Tip: A narrow focus brings big results.

Tips for Singles: Be your best at all times.

Tips for Couples: Be candid about your feelings- the good and the bad.

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