Ease up on that throttle, Taurus. This Wednesday, September 9, energizing Mars shifts into retrograde in Aries and your introspective twelfth house, slowing your forward progress AND urging you to turn inward for the next two months. Between now and November 13, you may naturally gravitate toward more creative, imaginative and spiritual pursuits, realizing that there isn’t even a “destination” and it’s more appealing to focus on just the journey itself.

While you may not be in super-social spirits, connecting with close friends and having very deep convos will keep you stimulated and inspired. This is a perfect opportunity to grieve a loss you might have avoided dealing with or doing some painful yet necessary forgiveness work. If you really truly “go there,” Taurus, and not just pay this lip service, things could shift in a profound way. Deep healing is the promise of the twelfth house—but it comes at an emotional cost.

All kinds of therapeutic work are supported during this transit, so schedule a few exploratory calls with coaches and healers to see who you vibe with. Because this realm rules the subconscious mind, you’ll be in an especially receptive state and could see incredible results through hypnotherapy, shamanic journeying or energy work. On the other hand, if you’ve been doing those things and haven’t seen progress, take a break and, instead, try listening to daily short guided meditations and spending more time alone in nature.

Also on Wednesday, a supportive sync-up of the Virgo Sun in your amorous fifth house and expander Jupiter in Capricorn and your worldly ninth house has you feeling frisky and impassioned. These auspicious planets are in your most adventurous chart sectors, but because they’re both in fellow earth signs, you’re not likely to do anything too impulsive.

However, if you’ve been a bit too cautious or have felt stagnant, this exuberant energy can move a stuck needle. Suddenly, your definition of “wild and crazy” isn’t so extreme, and you’re actually feeling eager to test-drive an idea that seemed out of reach just a week ago. Spread those wings: You might wind up being the first-ever flying Bull!

On Saturday, you could find yourself Googling “pandemic-friendly getaways” as Jupiter, the numinous nomad, rouses from a four-month retrograde slumber in your adventurous ninth house. As the red giant barrels ahead until December 19, you’ll be thinking globally in every way, including literally. Even if you never venture past city limits, there are plenty of ways to feel like you’re learning, growing and expanding your horizons.

The Internet is always your BFF, but if you’ve clipped your own wings for safety, this Jupiterian course correction could have you seeking out online art classes (maybe livestreamed from a museum in Paris) or global activist groups that transcend party lines. Entrepreneurial Bulls could finally feel ready to launch a big-deal business or media project and have it gain serious traction before Jupiter moves on to Aquarius on December 19.

Pro tip: Manage your expectations—and mind where you aim your truth hammers. The ninth house rules candor, and with unscripted Jupiter here, your “helpful feedback” can come off exactly opposite to your intentions. Better to bite your lip than offend an ally—or lose a potential supporter before you have a proper chance to bring them onboard.

SOURCEBased On Materials From Astrostyle
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