The love combination of Taurus and Sagittarius is a bit more out of box. Sagittarius partner enjoys having fun in love and is capable of infusing the relationship with heaps of excitement.

While excitement in love matters is not as important to Taurus. In fact, Taurus feeds more on stability and predictability.

The Sagittarius man is a very honest and cheerful person who can blaze in fire of enthusiasm and make everyone around him excited. He knows his goals well and directions to achieve them as well.

He is capable of an impressive quantity of love and affection, yet prefers to give it most when it is not expected or required from his lover. He embraces live and let live philosophy and hates being tied down to commitments.

When he feels that he is allowed the proper amount of independence and freedom, he proves to be a loyal and true companion.

A Taurus woman is an individual who is firmly grounded and always knows what she up to is.

She is generous and kind and has a strong ability of taking care of her dear ones. She demonstrates an incredible amount of patience and self-control, and wins others over with her warmhearted nature.

She tends to be private about her deepest emotions, preferring to cope with her issues on her own rather than wear her heart on her sleeve. When pushed hard, she can lose her normally easygoing demeanor and display a fierce side of herself that won’t be easily forgotten.

A Taurus woman is impressed by a Sagittarius man from the day one and falls head over heels for him for many impressive reasons.

She admires him for his intellect and his incurable optimism that gives her a new perspective of life that she has never even dreamed of being able to experience.

At the core she is a caretaker, who loves to take responsibilities and this makes her a great companion for him who is happy go lucky and bit too careless to keep up with things. She keeps up with his work and make great listener with balancing nature.

She is very faithful and warm-hearted towards him except for the times when he pushes too much to try her fury. On the other hand, he requires a lot of abstract stimulation, but her talents lie in the practical and earthy realm.

Sagittarius man is like a unicorn of charms for the Taurus woman. He offers her a glimmer of light and hopes that she cherishes it against all the dark thoughts she has deep within her.

He appreciates Taurus female’s down-to-earth approach and is usually ready to submit himself to her capabilities. He can offer much of what she lacks, but may not have enough in common to make it work at times.

He makes a great friend and a man of sincere words in romance, once he is sure that his Taurus lady is the right one for him and which she usually makes.

Yet there may be serious disruptions in the relationship when he fails to appreciate her actions or decides that she is trying to control him.

As the warm Taurus woman and jolly Sagittarius man start accepting their difference to a level of appreciation, their love turns out to be a dazzling experience for both of them.

As she starts understanding the dreams of her Sagittarius male, his nature expands to its highest level making him an enthusiastic and devoted mate. He also learns to make her feel loved and attended by spending more quality time with her.

The honesty and loyalty of these two blushes to red and make them trust each other and feel comfortable even in the absence of their partner.

With every passing moment their relationship becomes stronger and warmer with the soft colors of romance and jiggles of joy.

The sexual relationship of the Taurus woman and Sagittarius man is full of passion and enthusiasm. She is a sensuous woman who expresses her emotions through love making.

In order to truly open herself up in a sexual relationship, she needs to feel secure in the commitment of her lover. While Sagittarius man shows his interest at first, for him physical oneness is a different aspect of the relationship.

He seeks an emotional experience somewhere above and beyond the actuality of passion. But once they are together and as their sexual liaison lasts, it becomes a smoldering experience for both of them.

She enjoys the wild passion of Sagittarius man and he appreciates the sensuality of his Taurus female.

However it is possible for their physical relationship to be a good and fulfilling one, if they both try to understand each other’s different natures and sexual needs. For the best sexual experience, they have to try harder, they have to work together.

Both will need to become involved and fully committed. The primary goal of the sex is not in getting somewhere quickly, it is in being pleasing to the body, mind and spirit as the couple makes the journey.

Being in a romantic relationship, the Taurus woman and Sagittarius man has to face many problems to keep up with each other.

He can be irresponsible with the hearts of those who entrust it to him. He needs excitement in the relationship to keep him interested while she is typically too predictable and stable to satiate this need.

His interests lie primarily outside of the home and she prefers the comfort of her own environment. He needs to cool his fiery temper and learn to be more patient, and she is the perfect model of this for him.

In turn, Taurus woman have to learn to let go a little and extend him with a bit more freedom than she is accustomed to wanting to offer.

If she can grow to become more exploratory and he can learn to be a bit more reassuring, then these two might be able to work it out.

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