The Eccentric Aquarius

The Aquarius makes the perfect partner because they always follow their heart and strive to do what’s in the best interest for the relationship.

Open, honest and loyal are traits that accompany their eccentricity, meaning you’ll never be bored and you’ll never have to worry about shady behavior.

The Aquarius has unending love and support for the partner that gives them the freedom they require. Attracting them can be hard because they’re so strong, always working toward their goals, but if you can snag one, they’ll be your better half.

The Royal Cancer

Cancers are highly affectionate, passionate and romantic, which makes them naturally dedicated, as well. If you settle down with a Cancer, your home with be chock-full of positive and lovely vibes.

They make great parents, even if they’re impatient and a bit over-the-top from time to time. Show the Cancer love and support and they’ll be the best partner you’ve ever had.

The Ruler Leo

As a fire sign, Leos burn bright with charisma, power, and confidence. If you’ve partnered with a Leo, hang on tight. Your life is about to get interesting, as the Leo excels in matters of intelligence, creativity and passion.

They like to do things their way, so let them fight for you and alongside you. And don’t forget to give them the affection and praise they crave; you’ll receive back tenfold what you give to the Leo. HigherPerspectives

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