Good zodiac friendship combinations can be different to good love relationship combinations.

This is because whilst there are many similarities between the two types of relationship (which is why the lines sometimes get blurred) there are differences to consider as well.

Therefore, it is worthwhile having a look at what signs of the zodiac are best suited for friendship and why this is the case. Here are the top ten best zodiac friendship combinations in no particular order as well as a brief description of why they work well together.

1. Aries & Sagittarius

This combination can work well from both perspectives in terms of a friendship. The Sagittarian lightens the moods and encourages the Aries to enjoy their adventures in life. The Aries gives Sagittarius the confidence to trust their intuition but also brings under control their impulsive nature.

There will certainly never be a dull moment or conversation between these two signs. Great for fun and exciting adventures but not necessarily so great for the mutual commitment of a long term relationship.

2. Taurus & Pisces

Taurus can ground the dreamy Pisces and also inject a little support, practical advice to help them to make their dreams into reality. Taurus is a great and dependable shoulder for Pisces to cry on without feeling judged or rejected.

For their part in the friendship Pisces dares Taurus to dream and makes them expand their horizons and see beyond the practical details of situations. When Taurus gets bogged down in the practicalities of situations Pisces shows them a fresh perspective.

3. Gemini & Libra

A very sociable friendship that can work well particularly on an intellectual / communicative level. Gemini loves learning from other people and sharing their knowledge and experience and Libra is always up for a chat or dare I say harmless gossip.

Libra is able to soften the sometimes abrasive nature of Gemini and teach them that they can be overwhelming to some. Gemini can help the indecisive Libra to make a decision and learn from whatever comes as a consequences of this decision.

4. Cancer & Scorpio

These two signs are likely to have a very intense and close friendship and both are more likely to have a smaller circle of trusted friends rather than a larger, less personal friendship group.

Cancer can help Scorpio to take a calmer more kindly approach to life difficulties and will encourage them to retreat and consider their options before striking out for revenge. Scorpio will be a loyal and committed friend to Cancer that makes them feel safe and protected from life’s harsh realities.

5. Virgo & Capricorn

This combination do not necessarily make the best romantic match with Virgo being a natural worrier and Capricorn being stubborn. However, this can be a good friendship match because analytical Virgo can learn lots from the experiences of Capricorn.

Virgo can see in Capricorn that you can work hard and achieve great things – the two are not separate, conflicting goals. Capricorn can also benefit from the friendship because Virgo can help them to see that with a little forethought you can avoid obstacles rather than have to overcome them every time.

6. Aquarius & Libra ­

This combination can make for a good friendship because both signs are very sociable and charming to others. What makes this friendship work well is that when Libra is struggling with the injustices and unfairness of life Aquarius is able to put things into a wider context to help it make sense for Libra.

For their part, Libra is able to encourage their Aquarius friend to work in partnership with others to solve problems rather than try and solve their problems alone.

7. Leo & Sagittarius

When these two friends get together there is going to be lots of fun and interesting experiences occurring. Leo will definitely set the pace and tone of the friendship and Sagittarius will be happy to be a part of the drama of it all.

Leo gives Sagittarius the confidence they secretly lack and cover up with humor and escapism. Sagittarius on the other hand can open up new experiences to Leo that they would not otherwise have if not for their friend.

8. Capricorn & Taurus

Capricorns are great friends to pretty much any sign but they often feel that life is all work and not enough rewards are gained from it. Taurus will be a great friend to Capricorn by showing that working hard is great but working smart brings the material rewards and comfortable living.

Capricorn friends will help Taurus to understand that achievements are not just counted by cash and belongings. Mutual support and a practical approach to problem-solving works for these two signs.

9. Leo & Aries

This friendship is bursting with energy from both sides making it a great friendship. It is also bursting with Ego making this a troublesome love match at times. Leo is fun loving with a great sense of humor and this suits Aries who will want to hang out with their friends on a whim.

Aries will encourage Leo out of their comfort zone and these friends will have a rollercoaster of shared experiences. How long this friendship lasts is anyone’s guess but it will be fun while it does and there is a mutual respect between these two signs.

10. Pisces & Scorpio

This friendship is intensity at a whole new depth that cannot really be matched by any other star sign combination. Dreamy Pisces will connect with Scorpio’s troubles and enable them to see other people’s perspective on situations.

Scorpio will be a non­judgmental ear to Pisces who are naturally insecure and need such validation. This combination can work in terms of a romantic relationship but both signs are easily hurt. If this happens either Pisces will swim away or Scorpio will lash out. /by Dan Scotti

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