Let’s face it, real life is hard. It’s not just rainbows and sunshine but is actually hard work and stress.

At times you may even feel overwhelmed and consumed by your anxieties.

Here is the hidden message beneath your deepest anxiety, according to your Zodiac.


After years of uncertainty and longing, you’re finally coming home to yourself.

Over the past few months, you’ve gained radical clarity on exactly who you are and exactly what you want, and it couldn’t be a more exciting time for you personally.

What you have to remember is that just because you have determined your end-goal, it doesn’t mean you’re a failure because you haven’t quite arrived there yet.

The more you are able to visualize the life you want, the more you can start living it now.

Don’t put your happiness on pause until you’ve achieved something greater than yourself.

Remember that the energy that you infuse into this very day will be what ultimately determines your fate.


You are beginning to learn that life does not have to be difficult in order to be worthwhile.

After a year or so of tremendous growth, you’re ready to tackle an entirely new chapter in your life, but that much change won’t come without uncertainty and a degree of fear.

But in that is the lesson itself: life is not just about working, paying bills and going to bed.

You don’t need to feel guilty for living exactly the way that you want to, even if it seems more lush or exciting than other people.

The truth is that you create your own paradise, and you will not be able to tolerate a lukewarm existence for much longer.

Your fear is not holding you back, it’s signaling the start of a new future.


For too long you have spent your life trying to earn your own happiness, Gemini.

You’ve been in and out of relationship funks, financial woes and other stressors that have seemed to be nonstop.

But no longer. Your new lease on life involves not only accepting yourself as you are but leaning into your existence as it is.

This year you are tasked with finding the true, unprecedented joy in everyday life, no longer idling hours away worrying, ruminating and trying to make everyone else around you happy.

At this point, you’re reckoning your identity.

You’re realizing that you’ve built your entire self-image around the service of other people’s needs, and no longer. You deserve your own happiness right here and right now.


You’re in a period of transition right now, Cancer, that’s undoubtedly true.

What’s stressing you out the most at this point in time is probably not your own fears, but your response to those around you who are going through their own emotional issues.

This is not just a period of learning for you, it’s a period of finding yourself deeply. You cannot allow your happiness to be contingent upon how those around you feel or behave.

You need to hold your own not only for yourself but also for them. You have made or are making profound life changes that are due to have an incredibly positive impact on your day-to-day quality of life.

Even if you have doubts now and again, remember that you are on the right path, even if you get scared that you aren’t.

Next year you’ll begin to truly feel the depth of the important changes you’ve made.


This season, you’re getting a crash course on true self-love.

You are utterly exhausted from having to try to battle yourself, your body, your mind, your relationships, and everything else.

The good news is you no longer have to if you’re willing to understand that your deepest anxiety simply comes from a lack of self-acceptance.

You are permitted to be as you are in the world, you do not have to change anything about yourself to be deemed worthy of love and grace and joy.

You mistakenly think that changing your external life will shift how you feel when in reality, the very act of radical acceptance will heal you, and nothing will ever be the same again.


You are allowed to fail. You are allowed to be imperfect. You are allowed to rip off the last few pages in your story and start anew.

Your deepest anxiety comes from your perceived imperfections, which are, ultimately, an illusion of your mind.

In order to move on with your life, you’re going to have to accept that not every single thing you attempt will be perfect, and that’s okay.

You are not liable for being the most ideal version of yourself at every moment of every day.

Your true pain comes almost entirely from not being able to accept that you are human, not actually the failure itself.


The fears that you have been grappling with lately are not trying to signal to you that something is wrong with your life, rather, they are symptoms of a deep emotional and energetic purge that you must undergo in order to step into your new life.

In 2016, you went through your emerald year, in which all of the pieces of your best and most fulfilling life were presented to you.

In 2017, you went through the process of readjusting and settling, letting go of what was in order to embrace what is.

This year, it’s all about not just getting by, but thriving. No longer will you be able to accept a life half lived.

You are finally ready to reap the benefits of your years of hard work, and a personal renaissance is right around the corner. Lean into the reckoning, and shed your old skin.


This is a time of big transitions and bigger decisions for you. You will probably find yourself in limbo at this juncture in your life, and the lesson that you have to learn is discernment.

Do you want to spend the rest of your life with the person you are dating? If not, why are you with them?

Could you see yourself happily staying at your job for another 3, 5 or 15 years. If not, why aren’t you looking for other options?

If you’re so jealous of what other people have, why are you ruminating in your self-pity rather than trying to build joy for yourself?

These are the questions that need to be lingering in your mind because this is a year of radical self-transformation for you.

Once you make a decision, and a commitment, to what you want for the future, everything will unfold perfectly. Your greatest joy is on the other side of your indecision.


Deep down, you know that this is a time of reinvention for you.

The old life you were leading is not working anymore, whether, by necessity or desire, you know that there’s something more you can and need to be doing.

Your lingering anxiety is trying to communicate to you not only that you’re capable of making these changes, but that you need to.

You have to stop punishing yourself for not being where you want to be and recognize that your fear is actually a signal that you are underutilizing your potential. But you know what?

It means that potential exists, and if you can focus on that more than what you’re afraid of, you’ll be on the brink of living the life your dreams.


You know that something needs to change in your life, and you’ve known it for a while. The job may not be working out.

Your hangups with your ex may not have faded as you’d hoped they might. Over time, you’ve found yourself gripping onto remnants of the past, pieces of a life that no longer suit you.

Your anxiety is trying to communicate that this is no way to live. It robs you of your joy, your energy, and most of all, your potential.

The incredible thing about accepting what isn’t working is that you can finally lean into what is.

Your ego is the only thing holding you back from experiencing more happiness than ever before. Don’t deny yourself any longer.


This year you’re getting a radical schooling in character. Sure, you know what it’s like to be powerful, successful, accomplished and proud… but what happens when you’re not also grounded, humbled, and kind to all whom you interact with?

You lose your way, that’s what happens. When challenges arise, you recognize how crucial it is to treat others as you’d want to be treated, to be the same person in private as you are in public.

Maybe you haven’t realized that your actions have been negatively impacting other people, but you’ve begun to get the hint.

Either way, you’re in a process of finding your inner kindness, which can only be facilitated by a sort of inner peace. Embrace that which you already know to be true.


It is never too late to wipe the slate clean and begin again, and this is what you need to remember during this period of your life.

You are not responsible for upholding the values and priorities of a person you no longer are.

If you dislike where you are or what’s happened in the past, stop focusing on it, and instead, build a new reality in its place.

You are not defined by what happened, you’re defined by what you do now.

Your anxiety is gnawing at you to realize that ruminating is not serving you. It’s not making you more wise or intelligent or compassionate.

Only present, mindful action can do that, and you’re going to continue to feel uneasy until you realize you’ve always had the power to build the life of your dreams.

/Based On Materials From: Brianna Wiest

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