Aries: Mellifluous (adj.) – a sound that’s candy and easy, pleasing to listen to

Taurus: Ineffable (adj.) – too nice to be expressed in words

Gemini: Sonorous (adj.) – an imposingly deep and full sound

Cancer: Serendipity (n.) – the possibility incidence of occasions in a useful method

Leo: Limerence (n.) – the state of being infatuated with one other particular person

Virgo: Ethereal (adj.) – extraordinarily delicate, gentle, not of this world

Libra: Petrichor (n.) – the nice, earthy scent after rain

Scorpio: Iridescent (adj.) – producing a show of rainbowlike colors

Sagittarius: Denouement (n.) – the decision of a story

Capricorn: Vellichor (n.) – the unusual wistfulness of used bookshops

Aquarius: Eloquence (n.) – the artwork of utilizing language in an apt, fluent method

Pisces: Sonder (n.) – the belief that every passerby has a life as vivid and complicated as your individual

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