Aries: The number 13 – a deeply feared number linked with deceit, this superstition was once popular for daredevils to test

Taurus: Pennies – bring you good luck for a day and ward off evil spirits

Gemini: Crossing fingers – redemption for telling a lie or a way to summon courage

Cancer: Step on a crack – cracks in pavement or the ground supposedly lead to the underworld so stepping on one brings bad luck

Leo: Broken mirror – distorted images of the self in reflective surfaces are sure signs of disaster

Virgo: Open umbrella indoors – this can bring bad luck by offending the gods

Libra: Spilling salt – a superstition created at a time when salt was precious. Such wastefulness should bring fear and is a sign of bad luck to come

Scorpio: Knock on wood – wards off evil spirits and undoes something that could tempt fate

Sagittarius: Horseshoes – a symbol of luck and defense against evil energy

Capricorn: Walking under a ladder – ladders symbolize the gallows, so walking under one is bad luck because of the association with death

Aquarius: Black cats – association with dark magic makes black cats omens of bad luck and sometimes death

Pisces: Four leaf clovers – each leaf symbolizes faith, hope, love, and luck

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