Aries: I hope everybody notices I waxed for this or-

Taurus: Ohh *takes nap within the heat sand* yess that is heaven

Gemini: *swims for an hour* okay, time to go

Cancer: *asks to pet your canine*

Leo: *retains head above water to maintain from ruining hair* (THIS IS NOT GENDER SPECIFIC!!!!)

Virgo: *pretends to learn however is lowkey tanning*

Libra: *is highkey tanning*

Scorpio: *covers Taurus’s physique in sand*

Sagittarius: *sandcastle crumbles* I hate sand *leaves with Gemini

Capricorn: it is actually scorching, bye

Aquarius: Pisces, do you know July 1915 was the primary ever recorded shark attack-

Pisces: *swims and ignores Aquarius*

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