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#1 Be a Lover of Tradition

Taurus’s notice when being properly courted in the old fashioned way! When they take on a partner, it’s for the long haul. You won’t go far if you’re not a person of substance. They thrive on stability!

#2 Don’t Rush Them!

They enjoy taking their time and won’t appreciate being rushed! Stubbornness prevents them from flowing well with a “change of plan”. If they’re relaxing don’t expect them to join you on a moments notice!

#3 Be Goal Oriented

If you don’t have goals or a purpose in life, you’re probably not going to attract a Taurus. They are determined people, and want someone who will succeed with them in life.

#4 Routines and Schedules: required!

They enjoy routine! Get used to sticking to a schedule, they won’t want to alter it too much. Being organized will gain you much respect and appreciation from these practical fellows.

#5 Love of Home and Garden

Taurus’s like to be comfortable and cozy on dates or during time together: sit in front of the fire, cuddle up with a good movie, or have a relaxing picnic in a garden in which they grew all themselves.

#6 Prepare to Compromise

They are notorious for being inflexible. Most days, it’s their way or the highway. If you want to stick out the relationship, you will have to make some compromises, although they should learn to make them too.

#7 Lux ..lux

You won’t find them maneuvering their way through the sale racks or picking up used furniture off the street. They appreciate the finer material things in life! Be prepared to spoil them every once in awhile!

#8 Be Reliable and Practical

They’re reliable and reasonable and expect that from you too. If you plan to meet them somewhere, they’ll not approve if you’re late. Additionally if you’re sound financially, you’ll get their attention ..they’re very materialistic.

#9 Be Exclusive

If you plan to date a Taurus while dating others, you might want to reconsider. They tend to be jealous and possessive. They’ll only have eyes for you, and they expect the same in return.

#10 Enjoy the Outdoors and Nature

If you like being outside in the warmth of the sunshine, they will enjoy your company. They don’t like being stuck inside, and would much rather spend their day outside in nature.

#11 Their Big Love of Food

Cook them a meal.. “a way to their heart is through their stomach”. Yes can literally cook your way to the alter of matrimony with these earthy signs, they’ll be forever loyal to you.

#12 Sensuality Indoors and Out

They’re lovers of all things sensual.. including clothes and home furnishings. Anything that’s pleases the senses is attractive to them. With dress they like subtle sensuality in public but in the boudoir, turn-up the heat!

#13 Sturdy Passionate Lovers

Taurus lovers prefer the meat and potatoes kind of lovemaking. They are earthy and sensual and what they lack in imagination, they will make up in stamina and depth.

#14 The Family Life

A Taurus often desires a homemaker. As long as you’re neat, organized, and grounded, they will remain happy. They HATE disarray, and won’t tolerate a messy lifestyle. They’re protective and make for wonderful providers!

#15 Extreme Glamour

Taurus is attracted to attractive things. Get their attention by making a conscious effort to dress feminine as a woman or masculine as a man. They appreciates beauty, if you want to get their attention, look your very best!

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