Like many things in life, Zodiac signs can reveal and predict aspects of our personalities, life choices, or even potential compatibility with other people.

However, did you know that marriage was also a part of this? Yup, you heard that right—your Zodiac sign can also predict the positive and negative traits you exhibit during a marriage.

To go more in-depth, we’ve made a list of positive and negative marriage traits relevant to each Zodiac sign. Scroll to find out the good, the bad, and the ugly!


Pros: Aries are usually very driven people and as a result have an organized outlook on life. They strive to be the best at what they do, which causes them to also be very successful. They also have a tendency to truly cherish those they love and be proactive about the relationship.

Cons: Aries can also be very proactive in negative ways, such as being very authoritative and unwilling to compromise. This can lead to tension due to uneven power dynamics.

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Pros: Being honest, truthful, and faithful are all positive qualities Taurus people exhibit.

Cons: Taureans can be very realistic in their judgments and stubborn, making them candidates for possessive and negative behaviors.

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Pros: Geminis can be open-minded and imaginative, while also being able to idealize their partner.

Cons: Geminis also are known to be ill-tempered when not presented with enough variety, so be sure to keep your lifestyle flexible.

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Pros: Cancerians are affectionate and loyal, meaning that they invest heavily on emotional and financial levels in home life. They believe family is important and frequently practice that.

Cons: However, Cancerians can also be really sensitive and moody. If offended, they tend to hold those grudges, which can be difficult for everyone involved.

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Pros: Leos are typically very courageous and generous—they’ll be able to stick by your side no matter what while also charging head first into any dilemma they might be facing. They’re also usually charismatic and very outgoing.

Cons: Their outgoing nature can also cause them to have an ego, which can eventually be very wasteful and arrogant if not discussed openly.

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Pros: Virgos are very smart and can adapt to situations quickly and efficiently. This ability doesn’t get in the way of them balancing their relationships, though, and they’re frequently able to support their partners and offer compassion and time for the relationship.

Cons: They can also be very sensitive to wasteful spending or excess without reason, so frequent moments of contention usually center around indulgences that they deem unwarranted. Discussing this openly is an important thing if you are someone who likes to “treat yourself” every once in a while.

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Pros: Libras can be very kind-hearted and extroverted individuals, being loved by many and loving their partners very openly as a facet of this. They dislike drama and arguments, which can make them very diplomatic personalities when it comes down to solving issues.

Cons: Libras have a tendency to either be completely indecisive or too authoritarian in their decisiveness, creating for tense situations based on doing exactly what they want to do. This can lead to moments of tension through disagreement and stubbornness, but it’s important noting that it usually isn’t their intention—most of the time, Libras just want everybody to be satisfied.

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Pros: Scorpios value honesty above all else and bring passion to everything they do.

Cons: In order to give out this passion and honesty, Scorpios need to see it in return, which can create an exhausting dynamic if the partner is not interested in constant displays of affection.

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Pros: A Sagittarius partner can be very communicative, offering a strong sense of purpose to any situation and disliking any useless disagreement.

Cons: They value personal freedom heavily and, if not communicated correctly, this trait can cause stubbornness on their part, ultimately affecting the longevity of the relationship.

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Pros: Capricorns can be hard-working and contain a lot of discipline, leading to them being very trustworthy people.

Cons: Because of their determination, they can also be stubborn and have trouble with seamless communication.

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Pros: With a distinct lust for life, an Aquarius usually jumps ahead at new opportunities and always embraces the unexpected.

Cons: Aquarius may be hard to live with as they are always looking for something new, a lifestyle that might ultimately not suite marriage.

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Pros: Pisces can be very romantic and idealistic, leading to affectionate and creative personalities.

Cons: Their idealism can cause them to not follow commitment thoroughly and become difficult to expect things from.

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