Wanting to achieve greatness not just in their career, but also in their personal life, an Aries woman will be patient waiting for her ideal partner and won’t settle into something serious early on.

Though she likes the attention, she also loves a good challenge. The thrill of the chase is essential in the early stages of your courtship with her. She is well aware of how fabulous she is, overkilling her with compliments won’t get you anywhere with her. You must take action to demonstrate your desire for her. She wants a partner who can make bold moves without it feeling like control is being taken from her.

The self-assured Aries woman is fearless in both life and love. Once you have worked your way into her heart, she won’t have a problem expressing her feelings to you. Though confident, once you have her, she likes to feel cherished and praised. With acts of love reassure her how much you want her and need her. Remember, balance is a key to this one. She doesn’t want someone who is salivating over her, but she won’t think twice before looking the other way if you’re not stroking her ego just the right amount.

While she wants a strong man who can stand up to her, an Aries woman has zero tolerance for being dominated or someone trying to exert control over her. You must appeal to and respect her independent nature. Once again, remember balance, she doesn’t want a partner she can walk all over, either.

Being with an Aries woman is exceptionally fun and always exciting. Be ready to be constantly on the move with this one. She is full of energy and hungry for adventure. This applies to the outside world with you, as well as in the bedroom with you. Though she likes to feel in control, she has a secret desire to take her clothes off for someone who can make her totally lose it in the bedroom. She is dauntless and curious enough to try anything new in your sex life. She, in fact, needs to spice things up from time to time.


A Taurus woman is grounded, responsible and patient. She is thinking long-term with her partner. You don’t rush things with her. You must demonstrate complete devotion to her without pressuring her to make up her mind. Love is almost a process with her, allow her the time and space to get there when she’s ready.

Don’t come off easy to a Taurus woman. Remember, she’s the conqueror of the Zodiac. She won’t see you as something worth conquering if you come off “too nice” or too easy. Flirt with her and tease her a little bit. Give her a bit of a hard time in the beginning.

While she is a very sensual creature, and may even attempt seducing you early on, deep inside she is hoping you will resist. If you care about her, resist her advances in the early stages, think of it as foreplay, something she totally loves. Wait for the right moment to have sex with her, and in the meantime appeal to her intellect.

Once she’s “won” you, she won’t stop working to keep you. She’s conquered you, and won’t let go so easily, seeing you as a prized possession is where some of her jealousy and possessiveness may come into play.

Trust, like love, is something that is to be earned. She values this above all else. Once you have her trust, you will have her loyalty. She will be honest and faithful as long as you are doing the same. Any form of dishonesty, and it’s over, she won’t think twice about lying to you or betraying you. You also won’t want to scorn a Taurus woman. Meaner words have never come than from the mouth of an angry one.

She wants to feel pampered. A romantic evening at a dim-lit restaurant with fine wine is a perfect date for a Taurus woman. What is even more perfect are the small signs of affection you can give to her, like holding her hand, or giving her your jacket when it’s chilly outside. Buy her flowers, play her favorite record when you cook her favorite meal for her. Show her you’ve taken note of what is important to her and that it doesn’t come at a price to you.

Though Taurus is accused of being materialistic, this isn’t really the case, it’s more about security and the happiness that comes from it. She can take care of herself, and she wants a partner who can do the same.

She also needs stability in her relationships. Be sure to communicate effectively following an argument with her. Repair the damage in a timely fashion. Do not threaten her sense of constancy. When words aren’t enough, and you feel her closing off, the physical aspect of the relationship may be the only way to get through to her.

Sex and physical touch are as important in a relationship as is honesty to a Taurus woman. She wants to be touched and kissed in every way possible. Don’t lack in showing her your affection in even the smallest physical ways; a kiss, your hand at the small of her back, a caress. She yearns for both, passion and tenderness. Satisfy her desire for wildness in the bedroom, but also take your time to make love to her.

She is nurturing, let her nurture you or even mother you a little bit, this is just a sign of her affection for you.


The devilish Gemini is the most unpredictable of the Zodiac signs.

It’s very easy for the Gemini woman to charm people and flirting is second nature to her. Be prepared for a little competition while having your eyes set on her. She will have a group of fans at all times. Her charm and wit are irresistible and incredibly sexy. She can have others hanging on to her every word. And she loves to talk. A LOT. Be ready for a lot of story-telling and above all else, a lot of laughs.

Winning her over won’t be easy, but it will sure be worth it. She may seem hot and cold. One moment it may feel like she’s completely into you, while another she comes off as completely aloof. This is just part of her dual nature, and to attract her, you are going to have to learn how to keep up with it. One thing that’s for sure is that you will never be bored with her. Be prepared for her to change her mind constantly about dinner, what to do, what she wants, and pretty much just about everything.

Learning how to keep up with her in conversation and social settings will help you win her over. Seduce her through laughs and through the mind. Flirt, but not too much, let her do the flirting. She already thinks she’s won you over, let her come get you.

Don’t become offended when she is giving you a hard time or says something you can’t decide if you should find insulting. Not only is she testing you, but it means she’s very interested in you. Sometimes a joke at your expense may be the way she’s showing you how much she likes you.

The wild Gemini will be upfront and lay it all out for you, too soon even. One thing for certain is that you don’t want to make her angry by making her feel betrayed, in ANY WAY. You will come to know her erratic, hot-headed and sometimes brutal nature. Expect some words that sting, maybe even some tears on your part. Maybe you’ll get 15 missed calls, and 20 text messages letting you know how much of an asshole you are, or maybe you’ll try her phone only to realize you’ve been blocked. DO NOT TEST HER TRUST. Do not make her feel ignored either.

Overall, she’s one of the most generous and giving of the women of the Zodiac. She is reliable and supportive. Although unpredictable, you can always count on her being there when you need her. She has great words of wisdom and even greater love to give.

Like everything with a Gemini, sex can be a rollercoaster. She’s not looking for routine but for flair and imagination. Missionary doesn’t do it for her. Talk dirty to her. Spank her. Not a lot can be considered taboo with her. Ask her what she’s up for, she will never shy away from telling you what she wants in bed.


The deeply intuitive Cancer woman is very attuned to her emotions, as well as those of others. She can be hard to get to know, but this is only to say that she is complicated. This is because she is deeply emotional and sensitive. A water sign, she is ruled by her feelings and guided by her heart.

Cancer women want to be swept off their feet and wait for the romance of a lifetime. The surest way to begin such a romance is to be completely engrossed in what she has to say. Listen to her.

Family and friends are very important to her. Make sure you make an effort in respecting them, getting to know them, and keeping them happy, as well. Once she’s let you in and becomes close to you, she will view your relationship as a type of home life and will do everything to maintain it because she holds you as dear as she does her family.

She isn’t quick to fall in love. You have to respect her and earn her trust first, but once she’s fallen for you, she will stay in love with you. Break her trust, and watch her never forget it.

She is very affectionate and expects passion on your part to stay happy. What she is craving is connection. She isn’t looking for a one-night stand.

Incredibly compassionate, you will always feel like you have an ear and shoulder with a Cancer woman as your partner. She is also extremely protective and nurturing so be prepared to feel mothered by her at times. You may even catch her re-organizing your closet or cleaning your place.

The way to seduce her is to make her feel spiritually connected. She needs a partner who will make her feel comfortable and confident in expressing her sexuality. Expect passion. Give passion.


It really is no surprise finding yourself drawn to a Leo woman. She is all fire, self-confident, and charming. She is one of the most generous of the signs and likes giving more than receiving. The one thing she wants more than anything is your admiration, devotion, and appreciation. Watch her become equally drawn to you when you give her these.

Get on her bad side and be prepared to stay on her bad side. It is likely that there is no turning back, or at most, it will be very difficult to win her back. With a Leo woman, know it’s forgive but not forget.

While she wants to be the center of your world, she will also make you the center of hers once she’s fallen for you. Expect her to be fiercely loyal and extremely committed. You will never have to guess whether a Leo woman is into you. She simply is, or she isn’t, and whichever it is, trust you will know it.

In keeping her happy, always remember your fair share of ego-soothing words and actions. NEVER make her jealous. Make sure you don’t lose your spine, while she wants to be worshipped, she also wants someone who can put her in her place.

She has all the energy in the world and can become bored easily. Keep things interesting, take her on a spontaneous road trip, hiking to the mountains, a music festival, and keep her on her toes. Let her take charge too. She loves it, she’s a natural born leader. Respect her freedom and make sure to give her space or find her becoming tired of you.

The Leo woman is very sexually liberated. She is confident in her moves and with her body. She can take charge in the bedroom, and is, in fact, excellent at being aggressive, but she also wants to be dominated. She wants to let down her guard when she takes her clothes off with you.


The seemingly “cool girl” Virgo can shut herself off from the world, seeing as she was born with some very protective high fenced walls. Take your time. Approach with caution.

Don’t read too much into her sarcasm. Her witty, sometimes seemingly biting, comments aren’t meant to hurt. She is most likely to fall for you if you can see past all her barriers and laugh at her sarcasm and comebacks, even if it’s at your expense.

Here’s a tip she doesn’t want you knowing: deep down her self-imposed walls she’s a huge softie. Sometimes she just acts in an instinct to protect herself.

Virgo women are very practical, detail-oriented, and a tad bit of perfectionists. She may come off as intimidating, maybe even cold, but she is only being cautious. She really has so much love to give, and so much to share, but she has to get there on her own time.

She doesn’t appreciate shallow talk. Appeal to her intellect and knowledge or be prepared for her to not respond to your advances.

Like Leo, the Virgo woman is capable of forgiving but very unlikely to forget. This mainly stems from their fear of love, and once she’s let you in she feels exposed. Letting you come close doesn’t come easy for a Virgo. Do not exploit this privilege.

Putting in effort with her will not go unnoticed. She will appreciate every single detail and in return will give you her all and exert as much effort into the relationship. It is important to remember that she exerts the same effort in all areas of her life, friends, career, and family. Do not try to compete with any of those.

Give her time to relax and become comfortable in your intimacy. She is sensual and sexual, but pressure her for anything and watch her walk out the door and leave. Massage her, stroke her hair, let her be seduced with these little things and watch her go from good girl to sexual goddess.


The Libra woman is at ease with herself in all walks of life. She is very social, and having a conversation with her is always comfortable and easy. Don’t be fooled by her level of ease, they like to feel in control. Do not put on too much pressure at the beginning on asking them on a date, or they will put on the brakes faster than you can say Libra. Timing is everything. Let her bask in her indecision for a while, it’ll be worth it when she decides to take a risk with you.

While Libras have emotional depth, they have a hard time managing their emotions. Give them their space, let them get their head and heart right and clear. It will not be pretty when you don’t.

She appreciates beauty. Her aesthetic sense is impeccable. Watch her eyes light up taking her to a lavish restaurant or to an art museum. When you’re out with her, expect her to be bombarded by everybody, since she knows everybody. Don’t be fooled, she may have a lot of friends, but she doesn’t consider them all to be true. She is very careful about who she decides to put her trust in.

While not fond of PDA, expect to be showered with affection behind closed doors. She’s a faithful one. Once you have her heart expect her to remain true. If she has a wandering eye, then you’re just a temporary situation for her. Be warned she tends to have a lot of these so you won’t know where you stand.

While she can care for you deeply and show you time and time again how much she does, be prepared to have your emotions preyed upon and manipulated at times.

Libras have a huge libido, and like everything else in life, sex for her is art. She expects her man to be skilled in this department. Whether casual or meaningful, sex for her is also just as much physical as it is about making it cerebral. Like art, she requires it be felt.


The most mysterious of the Zodiac signs, the alluring Scorpio woman is one you will come to fall in love with and obsess over, but not really ever truly get to know.

It’s not just her sex appeal that gets you, either. There’s something almost dangerous about her, something you are drawn to that you can’t quite put your finger on.

Though assertive, she is also reserved and often times secretive. She’s a very private person, and you will never truly know the extent of how closed she keeps her inner workings. She comes off as outgoing and open, but she keeps a lot to herself. If she lets you in on a secret, a confession, or simply a thought or feeling she hasn’t shared with anybody else, she really trusts you and feels for you.

She’s very stubborn, and she is always determined to get her way. She won’t mind taking the reins. If you want to win her over, let her.

The best way to get her to let her guard down is to talk to her after being intimate with her. Sex is almost like water, or like a breath of fresh air for her. Sex is very important to her, she is the most sensual creature of the Zodiac. She won’t take you there, however, if she doesn’t feel relaxed with you. You won’t find a more skillful lover than a Scorpio. Be prepared to drown in the ocean of passion she will unleash on you. She will hypnotize you with an unmatched euphoria. Be careful though, she sometimes uses sex as a weapon or as a tool of manipulation.

Once she falls for you, you become her person, her only person. She will treat you like a deity and lasso the moon and drop it at your feet for you. If you ever hurt her, beware of her sting, there’s nothing as venomous as the wrath and vengeance of a Scorpio. And if you’ve hurt her enough, be prepared to never see her again.


Fun and flirty. Humorous. Social. Curious. Energetic. Very energetic. It is going to take a lot of stamina to keep up with the Sagittarius woman. You’ll never find yourself bored. But you may find yourself exhausted.

Learning new things is essential for her. So are new experiences. Be prepared for the ride of a lifetime. She may want to go to a concert one day, try a new Thai place one night, and skydive the next day. Let yourself have fun with her and let her shine. She is full of light, and you’ll notice her light up a room wherever she goes.

Freedom is her most prized possession. Do not try to take that away from her, it’s the surest and fastest way of losing her. She is fiercely independent and may be all up for a casual fling. If she wants more and she falls for you, be certain that any time she asks for her space, she will always be loyal and come back to you. She just needs that time for herself to do what she wants to do.

She is incredibly honest and has no tolerance for bullshit. She will always speak her mind and expects you to be equally expressive. While she can speak her mind, she doesn’t always express her feelings verbally, she does more so through actions. If you’re wondering how she feels about you, ask her. She won’t hold back.

Laugh with her. Do not ever tell her she needs to grow up.

Live in the moment with her. She may straddle you in the car, pull you into an alleyway, or perform a striptease for you at any given moment. Let her.


This lady is ambitious and a go-getter who knows how to take care of herself. It takes a little work to break her walls down, and though she may seem cold, she is anything but. You’ll have to dig deep to see what she’s carrying but watch her melt once you’ve won her over.

She’s not the “flowery” type, but she demonstrates her feelings with actions. And just because she is independent, it does not mean she doesn’t need you. She wants assurance. Emotionally. And also financially. This isn’t to say she’s materialistic or can’t take care of herself, but she just wants to know you can take care of her.

She wants to know that she comes before your friends and you will always be there should she need you. She can’t fully open up to you until she’s sure you have sincere feelings for her. And yes, she expects you to be financially stable. This may make her sound superficial, but she is anything but. This is just her being able to feel comfortable with you.

She’s very straight-forward about herself and expects you to be too. She will be there to help you succeed in every aspect of your life. In her, you will always find encouragement and motivation.

She understands her own instincts. Pay attention to the way she moves under your touch, this is how she’ll show you what she likes.


This one breaks all tradition, so don’t expect conventional with her. She is the definition of eccentric.

Conversation will never be dull with her. She is exhilarating and unpredictable to be around. The Aquarius woman needs constant stimulation. You’ll have to keep her on her toes and keep her entertained. She likes to stand out from the crowd, you’ll have to do and try a little bit different to get and keep her attention.

Remain cool and calm with her and don’t demand too much of her time or attention. She enjoys her independence. She wants to feel like she can be herself around you and with you. Though she doesn’t like to be tied down, she devotes herself to the partner she deems perfect. Respect means everything to her. Give it to her. Keep it. Don’t lose it.

She also needs to be stimulated physically. She is interested in trying new things sexually and being unpredictable in the bedroom. She’s all about breaking the rules.


Insightful and pensive. It’s a bit hard to get to the core of the complex Pisces. She is the most empathetic of the Zodiac signs and can feel very deeply, but she doesn’t always wear her heart on her sleeve. She may test you before coming out and saying what she wants or telling you how she feels.

You’ll have to make the first move, but you won’t find this too hard to do, she is very warm and friendly. Wooing her, however, isn’t as easy, but it will come as long as you make her feel heard and make her laugh. She also loves to listen. Open up to her, let her get to know you. Once you have sparked interest in her, she will open up easily to you.

You will come to learn how compassionate, caring, and selfless she is. She also has this dreamy quality about her that is impossible to resist.

She is an ideal long-term partner. She wants to be treated with respect and as an equal. Her whole attention will be completely turned to you if it gets serious. You will never feel alone with a Pisces, she is a great listener, and feels whatever you feel. She will do everything in her power to make you happy and make you feel like you matter. She will bring you inspiration and magic.

A hopeless romantic, you will see her glow when you appeal to this side of her. Remember her favorite flowers, or surprise her from time to time. While she loves taking care of the ones she loves, you have to remember to take care of her and make her feel protected.

Do not disrespect this woman. The second she feels that way she is done. She is selfless, but she also knows her worth.

She is soft, but also knows passion, she will let her imagination take control under the sheets. /by Natalia Vela

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