Here is an overview of what the first month of the year 2018 will bring for you. The New Year starts with a Supermoon stationed in Cancer.

And it will be the closest to Earth compared to the rest of them; that means emotions and feelings would be a lot more intense than what you are used to. Supermoons already have a stronger effect on the emotional as well as geophysical tides.

Combined with the proximity to Earth it makes for a very unique experience. And the influence of Cancer means that the past will keep rearing its head in matters of the heart, professional life or finances.

But as the day moves on, Neptune and Mars will form in a trine with the moon; which indicates that all the previous problems will be solved, that too creatively, without causing much collateral damage.

As the first week draws to a close, keep your energies high and stay focused on your work because this is the best time to achieve the goals you set yourself to.

Starting January 8th, the planet Venus will form a conjunction with the Sun while being stationed in Capricorn. This combination is an 18-month long process which started on March 25, 2017.

As mentioned before, this is the perfect time to make good of your ideas and opportunities. This conjunction makes the time exceptionally favorable for all new ventures and ideas. There is time for research, and there is time for implementation. This is the time for the latter.

This change is brought not just at the personal level, but the national and global as well. Significant issues which have been broiling over for some time now will all be addressed now. All of us are more receptive to learning and this will help in our evolution as human beings. Governmental bodies too might face a bit of action during this time.

After 10th, Mercury will form a trine with Saturn. Together they stabilize ideas and give a concrete form to plans. They also increase cooperation and collaboration among people. There is also added insight, creativity and inspiration.

By the middle of the month the New moon will conjunct with Venus; making it a perfect time for new beginnings and energized starts. Best time to keep going straight ahead.

When Mars enter into Sagittarius on March 26, it will make way for intuition to take over. But it can be a mixed blessing; try to rein your instincts if not backed by solid facts.

On January 31st, the Super Moon will make for a Total full moon Eclipse. The biggest effect of this eclipse would be on those who were born near this date. This eclipse would prove to be a moment of setting new benchmarks.

January marks a month of taking initiation and making progress. Make full use of the opportunity provided to you to make your mark in the world. The effects of the super moon Eclipse will be visible for a long time after it’s over. /by Consciousreminder

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