Distractions are likely to be plenty this week, dear Taurus, and many of them are about your own fantasies, as you’re inclined to daydream a lot these days. Certainly, wishful thinking can cloud your judgment at times, so be sure to avoid rushing to say or write your thoughts and ideas before you’re confident in them.

Friends may point out flaws in your current plans or line of thinking, possibly indirectly, and it becomes apparent that adjustments are necessary, even if your first reaction is to be defensive. Aim to be honest with yourself now.

The Moon moves into your privacy sector early afternoon, and you’re in need of some time out for emotional refreshment. You’re in great shape for intuitive insights today and tomorrow, particularly with business or money ideas.

Ironically, your emotions heat up today yet others think you’re cooling off. They may assume that everything is copacetic now, but you’re withdrawing because you don’t want to be bothered to explain your reactions.

Nevertheless, you must find a healthy way to express your feelings even if you wish you could be invisible. You might not arrive at a viable solution immediately, but you’re not in a hurry. You would rather get it right than get it done.

As the Sun and Mercury both spend their last weekend in your income sector there is a need to keep your money hat on. Yet neither are focused on tying up loose ends or finalising anything, as would normally be the case.

That’s because the most lucrative weeks of 2017 are still in front of you. While financial tension will continue to wax and wane for a few more days, this is simply keeping you on your toes.




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