You have moved out of your past and your household. You accepted a new life for yourself, and yet you might feel low about your joblessness. But it is just a phase; this too shall pass. This week you will realize that you have more capability to achieve bigger things in life than others. Also, you will receive immense support from your friends, and partners. It will help you to establish your confidence in yourself and will help you move forward.

Oh, dear Taurus, this week you will get into some petty fights that will upset you. You might feel frustrated and clueless. It is because you have no stability in life at the moment. However, towards the weekend, you will find new opportunities to work. You must not lose your confidence in the self-doubts that you are letting into your mind. You must find a way out.

You might have started at a new place this week. The workstation is more pleasant than the previous one, hence you will stay busy working. On the work front, you will receive a lot of acknowledgment for your efficiency. You love appreciation; as a result, the kind words at the job will encourage you to work hard. But you shall not lose your firm grip on yourself; otherwise, they will find you very gullible and manipulate you.

You have always been emotional and careful about who you would let inside your close circle. You find yourself to be betrayed by someone whom you considered to be a close friend. According to your weekly Cancer horoscope of the week, you will find yourself to be heartbroken and hurt because of this form of betrayal and will seek the solace of your house.

What is there to feel, other than happiness, when all you have is enthusiasm. Your hopefulness and happiness will find no bounds this week. You will feel excited like a ten-year-old because things have started to take a good turn in your life. You have to keep up your positive spirits throughout the week. It will resonate with good vibes in life.

Being a Virgo, you have always prided yourself being someone who is in control of their emotions and you will find yourself thinking over the past for some reason this week. The reason behind such thoughts is that you bumped into an old acquittance of yours who had an impact on you that caused you more trauma and for you to be hurt than anything else.

You find yourself having a hard time with your emotions. According to your weekly Libra horoscope of the week, you need to get a better grip on your emotions and feelings because it has started to affect your professional life as well. You have to start doing activities that will calm your mind instead of stressing yourself out over matters that will not matter in the future.

According to your weekly Scorpio horoscope of the week, you have always been the sensitive person who found themselves feeling every emotion too intensely. You had to always keep up with the hard exterior to make sure that you did not get hurt. This is why you find it hard to trust new people. This week will want to make you trust someone new in your life.

This week you will find yourself in a situation where you might cry over your fate or be a little delusional. In both ways, you will be at a loss. You might be unable to find a way out of your troubles. Despite having a good time with your love, you will get into a mental breakdown. This week you will realize that no matter how hard you try, some disturbances will always find your way.

You find yourself changing for the better because of your partner. They have brought about a positive change in your life and you have never been so happy. According to your weekly Capricorn horoscope of the week, it is advised that you live in the present instead of worrying about the future. Live in the moment and treasure the memories your partner and you have been creating.

You are going to enter the best phase of your life, and you are impatient to spend your weeks with the love of your life. This feeling gives you butterflies in your stomach and keeps you on your toes. You will feel happy beyond words, and it is evident in your words and your smile. But do not be forgetful, as some changes will make you anxious too. Things will go back to normal once your excitement starts to subside.

You need to trust believing in yourself. You find yourself being insecure about yourself, especially with how negative you have been feeling of late. You have to take better care of yourself especially when you are under such stress, and you need to make sure that mentally you are capable enough to take on the challenges that come your way.

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