1. Reading Feet Like Palmistry?

The feet is a fundamental part of the human body that helps us balance, move and apparently reveals many things about us, such as character and personality traits.

2. Four Distinct Feet Shapes

We’ll examine four basic types of feet, but first take a look at the line from the top of your big toe to the little toe and refer to the image below. Which foot shape are you?

feet shapes

3. The Greek Foot

Toes that form somewhat of a triangle shape at the top are individuals characterized as active, and athletic. They’re also creative and ingenious at encouraging and helping people around them. On the other hand, they can be very impulsive and suffer from stress that ultimately reflects onto others too.

greek foot

4. The Square Foot

If toes are evenly matched along the top, it’s believed that this person is tidy, methodical and attached to principles and rules. When making decisions, they’re thorough and analytical and generally won’t be swayed by emotions.


5. The Roman Foot

Physical characteristics of those with toes that slope down from the large toe, generally have balanced and nicely proportioned bodies. Their personality tends to be sociable and they enjoy traveling and learning new things, they’re also interested in the intellectual and innovative, but take time to relax too. Their downside is if they have excess pride and over-confidence that’ll result in some cases, in eccentric behavior.

roman foot

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